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  1. rudou

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    Hi Everyone,

    I recently had the opportunity to acquire a used VP112. The unit was advertised as in working condition. I just got the unit today and plugged it in to test. I haven't ordered bags yet but wanted to test out the unit in the meantime.
    I turn the unit on and left it at the default 30 seconds, and the gauge does not drop below (the black) 5.

    I cleaned the rubber gasket to make sure that did not have any large pieces that would interfere with the cover. Not sure what else to do.

    Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated. I was so happy to have gotten this thing and would love to get it working.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. It could be several things.
    Call Vacmaster and have Gary or someone else walk you through troubleshooting.

  3. rudou

    rudou Newbie

    Thanks Martin.

    I called up vacmaster and did speak to Gary. He diagnosed the issue as a possible accessory port problem. When I got home, called him again and he patiently walked me through opening up the unit, disconnecting the broken port housing and plugging up the hose.
    Gentleman knows his stuff and was great helping me getting it working again.

    Unit works as it should now.

    I am a happy man now.

    Thanks for the advise.
  4. I'm glad you got it going without too much trouble! :smile:


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