vaca smokes "island" PP, Pizza and Pastrami on the UDS

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  1. webowabo

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    Well headed back from Corpus today figured I have time to post my vaca pics (atleast the food ones) of some UDS smoked goods..

    First things first. Must get the kitchen and bedroom in order.. im a simplist.. Love it..
    I had a corned beef in the freezer. . So I figured id try the pastrami way.. I didnt rinse/soak like some suggest.. I will next time.. a tad salty for my liking. But turned out very good.. coriander, pepper, onion & garlic powders..
    Took it to IT185* over mesquitr chunks amd smoker temps 225* then next foiled overnight in fridge... next morning
    Sliced as thin as I could.. we used it through out the week for quick snack sammies..
    We had a hawaiian theme for the kiddos one night. I was voted in charge of the menu.
    I decided id try a 'hawaiian' inspired PP.
    I made a sauce for injecting. First time injecting butt and I thought it was great..
    Onion pow, paprika, pepper, tomato & garlic paste, C pineapple juice, soy sauce, teriyaki, b.sugar, & fresh grated ginger..
    Injected and let rest over night.
    Cut the 8lb in half for convenience and rubbed with the best mustard now available, whataburger's line...yumm.. and pepper, onion, garlic, andsome b.sugar for some bark..
    I decided that I would pull one half and slice the other. Smoked all day..mesquite.. no foil while on UDS. Yanked the sliced one at 192*.. the pp at 201* foiled wrapped and rested over night in cooler for the next day.
    The island party menu :
    Sliced Pork & PP sammies
    Smoked ham/mandrian orange/mushroom Rice
    Carrot 'slaw' w/coconut, mayo, pepper, and sugar
    Island Pizza for the kids... premade crust.. I did half with some pulled pork and the other with the left over smoked ham..
    Coconut shrimp (no pics.. they were gone)
    .. ill just uplaod in no particular order. Thanks for looking...

    My kids.. :)

    Sorry no plated pics.. I was exhausted as soon as the pizza got done.. I didnt even eat with the fam.. I needed a few beers and a nap on my hammie first..
    Overall another successful smoke on the UDS..and as always a perfect fam vaca on the beach..
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  2. looks great. i sure do like the way a UDS cooks.

    Happy smoken.

  3. webowabo

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    Thanks David. Every weekend im loving it more and more. Looking forward to saturday already. In the mood for some sauasage. Maybe a couple fatties for some snacks thru the week.
  4. fwismoker

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    Looking good Webo!     I throw the pizza directly on the grate, no stone or pan....Oh Baby!    Keith
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  5. c farmer

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    Man that food looks good.  Cant wait to get my uds done.

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