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  1. I received my Vac Master VP 112 a couple of months ago from Vacuum Sealers Unlimited and have had time to put it to the test. We have our beef and pork custom killed then process it ourselves. We vacuum sealed a lot of our meat  only because our sealer couldn't keep up to sealing it all, it would time out on us then we would have wait 20 min for a cool down.

    I got Lisa's name from this  forum and even though she's from California and I'm from Southern Ontario I gave her a call. After talking to her for a bit and explaining my situation I thought the external vac master pro would be the ticket but she talked me into the Vac Master VP 112 chamber sealer.  I had no experience with a chamber machine and knew little or nothing about them. I did explain to Lisa that if I purchased the chamber machine it was like buying a pig in a poke. She was busy that day but took the time to explain why it would be beneficial for me to buy the chamber machine, so I did and I couldn't be happier, it was not what I had expected at all, man does this thing vacuum compared to the external one I was using and it is designed to run for hours without a time out. It has done a great job so far as it is used by myself and 2 sons.

    I also purchased a 1,000  10x13  3mil plastic bags  that I figured would be a fits all for all the cuts of meat which is working out well and I figure they will be used up in a year or so which will mean in two years or so the machine is paid for by the savings on just the bags alone compared to the what I was paying for the external bags.

    I had done a lot of internet searching for a better than Food Saver sealer in Canada but if they are here nobody advertises, except one company in BC but they never returned my calls or emails. seems we have a lot of snow and taxes here and little else . So I will admit with some reluctance I called Lisa just because of the distance, but I am glad I did, I had the sealer shipped free to an address in Port Huron Michigan and 40 dollars worth of gas later I had it picked up and at home. Extremely easy to use ( no brainer) and allows custom settings for vacuum and sealing.

    Thanks Lisa for your input and your time I know you were busy that day 

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  2. Charlie

     I am thinking on pulling the trigger on one. Thanks for your review. Imay be what i needed to get me to make the leap.

    Happy smoken.

  3. I think if you do a fair bit of packing this unit fits the bill as an entry level to industrial packers. If it was to sit around and be used a 2 or 3  times a month it wouldn't be worth the investment the external vac pro would be the ticket. Because we do a lot of packing the savings on the bags alone was a no brainer, plus I liked the fact of no juices being pulled from the bag since we do a lot of fruits and veggies too. If you can put it to good use I don't think you'll be disappointed. One thing though it is fairly heavy and big for a counter at least for me it is and a little awkward to move around  so I have it sitting on a table in my  utility room close to my freezer where it stays and that works just fine, plus it gives me an area to set the product to be packed.

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