Using Smoker for both Meats and Fish

Discussion in 'Fish' started by spudeye, May 23, 2015.

  1. spudeye

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    Hi have just about read the numerous pages on

    I am in process of making a Chest Freezer conversion to a Hot / Cold smoker.

    Have knowledge and where for all to allow me to Hot & Cold Smoke but as I'm reading the above post my mouth is watering that much that I need a salmon fix in my head right now..

    This creates a couple of questions please

    To all the fisher smoker experts please.

    1, I have read that you shouldn't smoke all meats in your Smoker.

      Another Forum suggested that you should not mix your smoking especially cold smoking per above post.

    2, Am at the stage in my process where I can modify my smoker project to allow a small "Fish Cabinet" to be inserted as a inner smoker within a smoker.

    Can I please have you collective expert advice please .

    I will go back to the above "lox post" what a winner.

    Between my darling wife, 5 daughters and two sons, (8 grandchildren) we would lovingly quietly drop a well made fillet as a starter in 5 mins.

    That at the moment SBS (shop brought Shit) costs me over AUD $160 for a snack ..

    Rgds Spudeye
  2. daveomak

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    The lox recipe is an excellent recipe.... I have a separate smoker to do my fish... otherwise, all meats taste like fish....

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