Using bourbon (or any liquid) in a dry rub?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dawgball, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. We love this rub for grill/smoking chicken thighs on the egg.

    I am struggling with attempting replicating this rub as bourbon is listed as one of the main ingredients.

    The question: what are the methods of using bourbon (or any liquid for that matter) in a dry rub recipe?

  2. bmaddox

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    You would need to find it as a powder. I did a quick google search and found bourbon powder. There are also things like maple sugar you can use to get maple flavor without the liquid. 
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  3. paul6

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    I am signing off and checking that out , I love Bourbon and beer in my Marinade's and you say you can get powdered Bourbon I am in!!
  4. Awesome info. Thanks for posting that!
  5. I play around with seasoning mixes all the time at work and at home. Something you might want to try is sprinkling your rub out on a cookie sheet and driZling the burbon over it and drying it out in your oven on its lowest setting. We do a lemon pepper seasoning at work like that with fresh lemon juice and zest and it works amazing. Dunno if you would need to burn of the alcohol first as it could be too strong?
    Anyway just a thought. ..
  6. oddball

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    Tried rubbing the meat with bourbon (or any other liquid), and then applying the rub?

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