Using a Rub for the First Time

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stevetheteacher, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. On Thursday I will be using a rub for the first time. Naturally, I have a question. Will the marinade help keep the rub in place or do I need something like mustard to "cement" it down?

  2. I have used mustard before n it helps dont need a whole lot
  3. oddball

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    Personal preference.  Using something like mustard adds another layer of flavor.  But it's not needed.  The dampness of the meat of hold the rub.  I've only ever used rub on bare meat.

    I would start without adding anything else.  Next time, if you want to add more/different flavor, then try using a mustard, honey, etc.
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  4. Yes honey is good i use honey instead of mustard but he is right nothing is needed.
  5. tropics

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    A big help to getting a good answer would be as always. Give all the info needed . Meat Poultry Fish all get treated differently. 

  6. Looks like I'm doing brisket. I guess it's called the tip; it's definitely not a full brisket.
  7. paul6

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    Although he never suggest it I spread a thin coat of Jeff's bbq sauce . It gives a  Char that everyone love's !!!
  8. tropics

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    Olive Oil Salt and Pepper, I like on Beef 
  9. mummel

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    Oil is cheaper and easier to work with.  Mustard works well too.  Either is fine. 
  10. drewed

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    I just shake the rub on to the meat, it will stick just fine

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