Using a 55 gallon barrel to block wind?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 449714, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. Just wanted some thoughts....

    My pop's asked me if I had any use for a 55 gallon barrel he had taking up room around his basement and after thinking about it I was wondering if I could place it over my 16" smoker to block off the wind?

    Would it effectively help blocking off the wind?

    I would flip it upside down (to put over the smoker) and then I would cut off a decent sized hole so the exhaust smoke can escape and I can peak in to see my temperature gage.

    Should be easy enough to just lift it up and over the smoker when I need to check/add fuel.

    Also wondering how much it will affect my oxygen intake? Maybe I should drill a few holes near the bottom to ensure a better flow of oxygen getting in through the bottom of my smoker???

    thoughts? Is it even worth it at all.

    I don't mind the cold but as you all know wind is the issue during the cold months.
  2. brooksy

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    The air intake was the problem I see with the drum. You could possibly set it on some bricks to let air flow underneath and up into the smoker. You could also cut the whole bottom out of it as well.

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