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  1. I work for Traeger, Let's be clear I am not here to sell anything. I don't care what you buy. I am here to communicate with our customers, provide another outlet to reach out to our company and make sure if someone has an issue they are given to best avenue to resolve their problem. I wanna talk BBQ. I have two Traegers myself. I smoke once a week at minimum. I have a Junior that's 6 months old and a BBQ075 that's over 10 years old. I want to be your contact with Traeger. Not a Salesman. if you have questions send me a private message. If you post a problem that I think I can help with, I will message you. Please let me know if i am overstepping or breaking a rule. I just want to bring some of my skills to the table. Help or receive help from this awesome established community.
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    Enjoy your stay here....  We welcome factory folks...  lots of folks have questions about their BBQ units that an expert can certainly solve any issues....  

    May I suggest not using Private Messaging....   there are many folks that stop in here to learn...    No one learns from Private Messaging.....
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    [​IMG]  Good advice Dave. [​IMG]  
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    Welcome to the forum.

    I'm sure the Traeger guys will really appreciate you being on here.

    Thank you for making yourself available to us.

  5. A Big asset to the Forum,  Welcome from East Texas


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