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  1. I just found a couple of hot sausage recipes, one is for Jamaican jerk and the other for Cuban "Havana" sausage.

    The recipes are similar but the Havana sausage calls for the use of 90g of sausage phospates.

    I found in the Kutas book that phosphates are used in commercial operations to reduce shinkage due to moisture loss and not normally used in home sausage making. I can certainly order some if needed.

    I'm thinking I can safely not use the phosphates but must/should I add soy protein or dry milk to assist with the moisture situation.

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    I use soy protien when needed..

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    I use Amesphos at times.

    Improved cooked flavor.

    Reduced loss of meat fluids.

    Increased tenderness and juiciness

    Improved firmer texture

    Better and faster color development

    For home sausage making: Use approximately one fourth to one half teaspoon per pound of meat. Dissolve the phosphate in water before mixing into the meat mixture. Mix into meat until well distributed, mix for approximately five minutes.
  4. Thanks for the input, both of you!!

    I'll get an order off to The Ingredient Store for some phosphate. Over the years I've used Fab-A and Fab-B for pork and brisket.

    After doing a recipe with the phosphate I'll do one with soy protein to see if there is much of a difference in my particular recipe.

    Thanks again.

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