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  1. Does anyone have a URL for a User Manual/Instruction_Book for the MES 40? I can't lay hands on mine and I have 2 butts I need to get on.
  2. FYI:

    I sent an email to MES customer support asking for a URL where I might download an instruction manual. I received a response the next day saying that they would send me an instruction manual if I would tell them the model number.

    Today, I took a pic of the spec plate and enclosed that in a reply to the CSR. In that reply I asked if they could please send the manual in electronic form if possible as I preferred that media. I'm waiting to see how they respond.
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    Which Gen do you own? Actually, doesn't matter. Go to the MB website and click on one of the smokers. On the page that opens up, scroll down below the video on the left and you'll see Manuals. There you see links for Meat Probe Replacement and for Tri-Lingual User Guide. Here's the link to the page: http://www.masterbuilt.com/40-inch-electric-digital-stainless-steel-smokehouse-with-rf-remote.html

    This may not be your smoker but no matter what Generation all MES digital models work essentially the same way.

    Any experienced MB CSR should have known this.
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