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    Adam Thank You
    I'll work on it tomorrow still tired from yesterdays' drive up to Ma. and back
    Fishing trip was cancelled
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    The feature (of uploading a bunch of pics and then later deciding where to put them) looks cool, but the UI definitely doesn't make the feature obvious or intuitive. Also, having the image feature split into two completely separate areas is definitely confusing. My suggestion would be to "wire" the ability to upload a picture into the image icon on the toolbar. This would operate the way the previous forum software worked where you could then (after clicking on the image icon) make the decision as to whether to insert the image from a URL, or from a file on your computer.

    As for where to place the pic, I think the idea of placing the cursor where you want the pic and then clicking on one of the files from the list of uploaded files is very obtuse (i.e., not very direct). It seems like a feature in search for a reason to exist. This is especially true because 90% of the posts which include a picture only have 2-4 pics (although some people do really get into their Qview). The advantage of doing all the uploading as one operation really requires a lot more pics than that before it really makes sense. Most of the time, you simply type; decide you want to add a pic; and then click on the icon and add it.

    Another option is the one offered in email programs. In Gmail, I can attach a photo, and it will appear at the end of the email, and if I upload several pics, the recipient can click on the first one (shown at the end of the email) and then cycle through the others. That has the advantage that, as a recipient, I can quickly read through the text without having to scroll over and over again to get past the pictures. However, in Gmail, if I really do want to add a picture inline with the text, I can just drag the picture from Windows Explorer directly onto the email I am writing, and it will appear at that point in the text. No need to click on an Upload icon at all.
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    For posting images, I usually open them in Paint first and resize them to 50% or 33% and then Save As under a different file name. Then I attach them.

    No phone here, I'm taking the card out of the camera and plugging it into the laptop where it shows up as another drive. Then it's just file management.
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    Let's see.....

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    If I understand this right I can now upload photos right from my I phone. Would like to see a step by step for this remembering I'm an old self taught computer user not to skilled. Thanks

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