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  1. hoosier

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    My Small Brinkman heating elemant quit so im using it as an excuse to upgrade. Ive narrowed it down to the Cajun or the Masterbuilt. They look like the same for the most part except the Cajun has the chute on the outside to load the chips as to the masterbuilt you have to open the door to load the chips. Im leaning toward the Cajun right now. Just wondering how long the chips will smoke for before having to load the box up again. Any tips and insight will be appreciated !   
  2. ronp

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    Well' the MES has an external chip loader.  They last about 45 mins. Get the Amaz -N- Smoker generator and get at least 6 HOURS. Cant beat that.
  3. bearcarver

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    What Ronp said.

  4. dale5351

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    My four year old MES goes for several hours on a load of chips.  I can fill up the external chip loader about three times before the wood chip box is too full to add more.  Rarely have to add more wood chips.

    I am eager to get my Amaz-N and try some cold smoking.
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  5. mythmaster

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    Same here.  I've gotten 5 hours on a load of chips, but I still want to get an A-MAZE-N Smoker.

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