upgrading my smoker (need help)

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    Well I have reconstructed a warming cabinet into a smoker.  I posted some pictures on here some time ago.  Anyhow I have run into a problem with the heat, or lack there of.  My cabinet only gets to a temp of about 160*F max on a hot day.  I need/want the temp to be higher somewhere around max temp 250-275*F.  I am using the element that was in the warmer.  My question is can I still use the same element maybe with a PID to increase the heat? can I bypass, or modify the thermostat that is in the cabinet.

    if not what do I need to do.  Start with a new heat source.  If so any ideas on a set up for the heat.  I would like to stay with the electric heat if possible.


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    Can you give us an idea on size? Construction? Some pictures would be great. Take a look at the element...is there any info on it? Watts volts amps that info will help determine whether it is properly sized.

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    Warming cabinets are made to keep food hot. 160 is the max they run, usually food is held at no more than 130
    You'll have to see if you can switch out the electrical for a higher watt one or retro fit a new element in it.

    Pics would help us.
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