Upgraded my 30" MES First Gen from a 4 rack to a 6 rack rig w/pics

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  1. I always thought that 4 racks seemed a bit skimpy. There seems to be a lot more room in there that could be used. One day while in Cabela's I saw they had a 30" model called the Sportsman Elite. The main difference seemed to be the space for 2 more racks. 

    So I called Masterbuilt to see about ordering the rack holders for that model. It was a huge hassle because their customer service was fairly lacking. The rep seemed very annoyed that I would try to circumvent the 4 rack system by buying other parts. She made it very clear that under no circumstances would I be able to return the product since I was basically breaking the law and upgrading my own unit. I accepted the warning and it cost me $25. 

    Two weeks later it arrived. They sent me another 4 rack holder set like the one that's already installed. So I called to get it straightened out. The guy on the phone told me I couldn't return it since they warned me several times that it wouldn't fit. I told him that's fine but they shipped the wrong rack holder. He reads the notes, "Customer wants the 6 rack unit, I told him no returns and he agreed. So sir, we can't accept your return." Now I am getting annoyed so I asked him to read what part they actually shipped. He says, "4 rack unit." So I said if they warned me about the 6 rack, why did they send me a 4 rack. He was flummoxed. So he has to put me on hold and after a while comes back and says he will ship out the 6 rack holder that day. I asked what to do with the 4 rack set and he said just keep it as it's cheaper to let me have it than pay to ship it back to them.

    So another week goes by and no product. So I call them up to see what's going on. The lady on the phone puts me on hold to research it and she finds that the order was placed but somehow never shipped. So she agrees to make sure they send it today and put a rush on it. I requested 2nd day shipping, she said she would have the supervisor do it. Of course, they don't send it 2nd day mail, they ship it the slowest route possible, so over another week later it arrives.

    It didn't fit the same screw holes as the original racks. So I removed the old ones, mounted the new ones in the bottom screws which did line up, and then made 2 small holes for the upper supports and screwed them in easily. Then I put in the other two screws where the old rack fit to plug the holes. It took about 5 minutes. Now that I have those extra racks, I may cut one up and try to rig up a single rack between the bottom two for 7 racks total. 

  2. Fine job. Did the racks come with come with the side supports or did you have to get them elsewhere?

    Happy smoken.

  3. c farmer

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    Think the MES can handle that much meat mass and still keep temps?
  4. daveomak

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    A couple "S" hooks will suspend the extra shelf..... I made mine out of wire to get the correct spacing.... Coat hanger wire....
  5. I bought the extra racks from Cabela's. The side support the racks slide on to is what I bought from Masterbuilt direct.

    I don't plan on using large pieces of meat, it's more to get the maximum number of meat sticks or salmon nuggets in there at once. :) So not like a rack of ribs and a butt all at once.
  6. bearcarver

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    That looks real nice Norm !!![​IMG]

    It should be great for stuff like you mentioned and Jerky & such.

    You could also use the extra racks to spread things out more instead of crowding the lesser number of racks, so air flow is better.

  7. cmayna

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    Very Freaky (nice) mod, Norm. [​IMG]Salmon nuggets......ewwwww! [​IMG]    Keep them spaced out to allow air flow.  I'd consider 30-35pcs per tray depending on their size.  Am I correct that the support for the water pan has been removed?   You don't need it anyhow, especially for Salmon.
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  8. I may need to look into this for my MES40. It would make cheese and SS faster.

    Happy smoken.

  9. mneeley490

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    Very nice! I may try that myself. I bet Masterbuilt will be getting a lot of calls for these now.

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