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  1. We have had a rare east wind here in central Ohio for about a week now. The vent pipe that I had attached to the MES 30 was vented on the east wall of the garage. The wind has was making it almost impossible to draw smoke through the smoker. And you know what they say "not being able to make jerky is the mother of all invention" or something like that, lol. So here was the solution, and a batch of Eric's Hot Pepper Jerky is in the MES 30 as I am posting this.


    I was made aware that the first link did not work for everyone, but this link will

    Thanks for looking everyone.
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  2. Nice solution.  Should come in quite handy in the wintertime, for sure!
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    very nice - is that a pretty quite hood then?? couldn't hear it running in the video,,,, great set up
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    Toby, evening.....  Just one more smokin' fanatic that lays awake at night trying to make stuff better....  good job....  [​IMG]  ....

  6. Thanks everyone, and a special shout-out to Black for bringing to my attention that my video link didn't work for everyone and providing a second link to my video. I do everything with my iPad mini and iPhone 5 and sometimes this site and my Apple products butt heads.
  7. Yes, it is very quiet. It is a $150 Broan hood that moves 240 CFM's of air. It has a dent in the top and the local Lowes had it in their scratch and dent area. I talked the sales guy down to $40!

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