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  1. jeffro99

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    Hey guys, Just Joined the fourm after lurking around the past week or so.

    After reading and reading i am still on the fence about which unit to purchase.. looking for some advice from the smoker gods on here.

    This will be my first unit. Looking to go electric, I will mainly be smoking fish / jerky but will also atempt other recipes from here as they sound and look so darn good. I am open to suggestions, looking for best bang for my buck, Also am willing to do some modifications needed to get the optimal unit for my smoking needs. I orignaly was considering an orginal bradley then adding a pid, but now have read alot on the masterbuilts and now considering a MES 30 and adding an AMAZ pellet system.

    Any advice is welcome, looking to purchase a unit soon as i have a few fishing trips planned and would like to give some salmon a go for holidays.

    Thanks alot very happy to have joined and soak up as much smoke info as i can

  2. chef willie

    chef willie Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Well, you're gonna get a wide range of responses to that age old question which might confuse you even more. I started out with an ECB years ago, knowing nothing, upgraded to a el cheapo Master Forge vertical gasser after learning a little more on here and then upgrading once again to a watt burner from Smokin' It. I got the biggest model at the time, the #3, with the extra heavy racks and higher wattage. I almost bought a new digital MES 40 and am SO glad I didn't.....many issues have surfaced with the new generation models. There are threads on here regarding the Smokin It research many of us have looked into. It might interest you...might not. The Mes 30 appears real small compared to the 40, you would probably outgrow it quickly. IMO, better to spend a little more going in for a bigger, better unit you will probably wind up wanting anyway. I would personally not purchase a new generation MES of any size.
  3. jeffro99

    jeffro99 Newbie

    which model #'s of the mes should i look for (older gen)?
  4. seenred

    seenred Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    Hi Jeffro.

    Like Willie says, there'll probably be as many opinions about this as there are responses.  Overall the MES is a fine smoker, I used one for years with great results.  I concur with Willie that you may eventually be sorry if you don't get the bigger one (MES40)...that extra room is gonna come in handy at some point.  If you decide to go with MES, I'd look for one of the earlier generation rigs...they're still available if you look around some.  Here's a thread that explains the difference between the new gen model and the older gen ones:  


    There are some other comparable units that I hear are real nice, like Willie's Smokin-It, as well as Smokin Tex, Cookshack, etc. (although the Cookshacks are considerably more expensive).

    Whatever you choose, you'll be turning out great food on it.  Good luck in your search, and be sure to let us know what you pick.

  5. I don't know the model# but if the contols are on thetop front. It is the new model MES40.

    Controls on the top back.old model MES40

    I have the old MES40 and love it. I would go bigger if they made it.

    Think about the 40 I have not known of anyone with a 40 saying I wish I had a smaller smoker.

    I do hear and see where a lot of people who started out with a 30 now getting a 40

    just my

    Happy smoken.

  6. jeffro99

    jeffro99 Newbie

    what all can fit in the 30? im assuming a 30 would fit a decent amount of fish?
  7. chef willie

    chef willie Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Try to find a place that sells them in your hood. I know here Home Depot has a few out on display as does Lowes and Sams Club, Cabelas etc....you get the idea & that way you can look at it, kick the tires and do your due diligence before buying. IF you decide on the MES, IMO the 40 is the only way to go for the very few extra bucks it will cost you in the beginning. The window panel is something I wish mine had, although then I'd have to keep it spiffy.

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