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  1. this is my first butterfly on the smoker. i did the temp reading on the bird and it was 168 in the breast and the thigh. but when we cut into it at the thigh my wife thought it was atlittle red but i told her it might be the smoke ring. the juices were clear when we did our readings with our maverick.so i am unsured if it was done. i thought yall could give us some insight

  2. irishteabear

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    If the juices are clear, then I wouldn't worry about it.  It will continue cooking for a couple minutes after taking it off the smoker.
  3. if the temp was good in the bird and juices are clear, then you are good to go.  Smoked poultry, either turkey or chicken, will appear to be partly cooked because of the red color.
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    Sounds like that there bird had been froze at one time.  Yall get red around joints from em bein froze.  If ya cooked it ta temp, it's good ta go.
  5. u r right travcoman45. i didnt plan this meal well it happen spur of the moment. when i butterfly the chicken it had ice inside of it. i didnt let it get to room temp before i put it on the smoker

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