Unlined Food-grade Drums in St. Louis area and a question

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by jd1983, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I recently moved back home for a bit and decided I should try and find a food-grade drum while I have the opportunity.  I ended up finding an awesome deal.  I got an unlined, closed-top drum that was used for corn oil for $8 (offered me 2 for $15).  The guy I bought it from probably had close to 30 more so I thought I'd share the wealth.  If you are interested, shoot me a message as I don't want to post someone's phone number on the forum.  Be looking for a UDS build coming up now that I actually have a decent drum.  Anyone have advice on whether or not I need to burn it out before putting it to work?
  2. Howdy JD,

    I am a rookie smoker, but, it seems the safest and smartest thing to do would be to give it a good burn.

    Peace of mind and a bit of time goes a long way.

    Don't forget to post some pictures otherwise you might get some replies like this:


    Have fun.
  3. thegoodsmoke

    thegoodsmoke Fire Starter

    How'd the cleaning go?  Did you get a smoker built?
  4. Cleaning went well and the smoker was built.  I have run a couple things through it already and they have been great.  I posted some pictures on the thread "Success".
  5. rayc14

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    Hi, I read your post and am interested in the 55 gallon food grade drums for my garden.  Could you forward the information to me.  I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you


  6. ballagh

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    burn it, or sandblast and season it in good.  good luck

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