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  1. timan

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    Start up the 640 yesterday. Ran 1.5 lbs of bacon just to test it out. Got a hot spot and unbalanced heating.

    The after noon run looked like this....


    Y= Yoders digital Temp

    R= RediChek Center of the grill

    T= Outdoor temperature

    —-= Digital Temperature rise & steady indicator

    Startup 3:09PM, Breezy 70°

    U 26, Start 1

    Temp Set - 230°

    3:20    230°Y—-     194°R

        Moved baffle in 6”

    3:36    206°Y—    190°R

    Opened to load 1.5lbs Bacon, Pict #1

    3:40    166°Y—    145°R

    3:50    224°Y—    210°R

    4:03    249°Y—    210°R

    4:25    231°Y—    217°R    69°T

    Opened for picture #2 Near edge right showing signs of over cooking, hot spot

    Closed    209°Y—    190°R

    4:42    234°Y—-    212°R    66°T

    5:00    243°Y—    226°R

    Open for picture #3

    5:03    237°Y—    194°R

    5:15    232°Y—    219°R    65°T

    5:30    233°Y—    223°R

    Open picture #4

    5:31    226°Y—-    205°R    62°T

    5:45 236°Y        217°R

    END Picture #5

    Image #1 Loaded

    Image #2 Lower right corner shows over heating

    Image #3

    Image #3

    Image #4

    Image #5 END

    The 3 slices on the bottom right were over cooked and brittle. All the others were pretty close to even. I checked the foil this morning and there was no overhang on any of the edges.

    Note the differences in the Yoders Temperatures and the RediChek. I never have gotten these to stay close to each other. I have checked the RediChek and it is accurate. This running on my second mother board.

    Any comments?


  2. smokingrk

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    Yoder averages temperatures based on the u26 firmware note the probe is at the left and it needs to compensate based on a number of factors. I used to think the same but if you put probes in various spots you will find the average is very close. I've found the wind and external temps to be the most dynamic issues. I've tried their fan diffuser add on and think it helps but much less convection. Also the build in damper is key to heat distribution but that varies with the amount of fid load in the cooker. Hope this helps give you some insight. Really I believe the 640 is one of the best out there.
  3. Bill, your Yoder is working fine. If you take the temperatures at (3:40) and add all of the temps together (2720) and divide by the number of readings (12) your average for that time is 227*. Taking into account that you opened the smoker you were probably averaging around 235* if you didn't open it. I did a temp test following Yoder's instructions with a set temperature of 250* and after running the test for two hours my controller averaged 252* and my two Maverick's were off by 2-3 degrees.

    The hardest part for me was letting the Yoder take care of everything and not worry about what my Maverick reads. I only use one temp probe and only because when I first got my 640 I ran out of pellets on a long smoke. Now I always sent my Maverick low temp to 190* and if it alarms then I worry. Also, I no longer foil the deflector plate. After I did the temp test I decided to try not foiling and have found that my temps are more consistent.

    I use the rungs on the side shelf for setting my damper and for me found that between the 7th and 8th rungs is where mine is. I leave it at that spot no matter what I smoke. BTW, the temp test is on Yoder's community forum under Pellet Grills. I also posted on the site at Yoder's request under Owner's Success Stories. There is also a Yoder YS Pellet Grill fan page on Facebook as well.

  4. It is working fine...just have faith and let it do it's thang....I stopped foiling my deflector as well and it does seem to run better.  I do not event put a temp gage inside the cooker any more.  My 640 has not let me down yet.  It is just hard to let go of the reigns.
  5. daron jake

    daron jake Fire Starter

    Leave the lid closed, opening it every 20 minutes to take your picture wasn't helping
  6. timan

    timan Newbie

    Thanks everybody, two 12-14 lb turkeys and three racks of ribs lined up for Thanks Giving! Bill

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