uneven tempature readings in masterbuilt 2 door

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by turboedsupe, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. turboedsupe

    turboedsupe Newbie

    Its a 2 door masterbuilt gas smoker with a 12" cast wood pan and the water pan that came with the unit. I'm using a maverick 732 and clipping it to the grates usually under or by the meat. Seems like the temp can vary greatly depending on where I put the probe. I read getting a water pan that covers more of the smoker would help? Should the probe be mounted in the smoker or continue clipping it to the grates
  2. chef willie

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    I used to put mine on the grate where the meat would be smoked. IMO, that was the spot that mattered. Instead of using water in the pan check on some mod threads for your unit using the search bar and many will fill that pan with sandbox sand to act as a heat sink and help stabilize the interior temp....HTH, Willie
  3. turboedsupe

    turboedsupe Newbie

    So after researching the sand I decided to give it a try. We got a butt and ribs setup for Sunday so we will see how this sand box does

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