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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by murraysmokin, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. I made a batch of venison cheddar and jalapeno snack sticks the other day.  I was having some issues with my gander mountain 5 lb stuffer and I think some of the sticks were a bit under-stuffed and this batch the casings are quite a bit tougher than my previous batches.  

    Can understuffing the casings cause the toughness?  The meat could have used some more liquid, what I think caused the issues with the stuffer, could this have played a role in it as well?  ( I am using collagen casings) 

    The overall flavor of the sticks was good just the casing issue that I need to work on with the next batch.
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    Yes, under stuffing can cause toughness from what I have heard,,,I use 21MM collagen casings,,,,Where are you getting your casings from?? I get mine from Butcher&Packer and have good luck with them.

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    Understuffed and too dry of a mince can do that.

    For moisture retention, you can us non fat dry milk.  But, if you notice that the mince is too dry when you begin to stuff, dig it out, add a LITTLE liquid, mix again really well, and start the stuffing process over.  

    Also, old collagen casings can be a brittle pain and may become tough as well.  Like driedstick said, Butcher-Packer has good ones.
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  4. Thanks guys I think it was a combination of the two with the meat being too thick for the stuffer causing the problem leading to the under stuffed sticks. Guess I should have taken my time removed meat loosen it up some & restuffed the sticks. Constantly learning.
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    Most of us have learned from our mistakes. Those that haven't, will....

    Keep on trying and keep on posting. Lots of knowledge on this forum, and most all are ready and willing to assist!
  6. Absolutely I have no problem learning as I go.  I am working on some canadian Bacon.  Just put it in the brine today.  Once that is done it will be a double batch of bacon, trying to stock the freezer up for a little while.

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