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Discussion in 'Curing' started by street guy, Mar 6, 2014.

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    There was a post awhile ago with the link to a site that sold these bags that lets moister out but not back in. I can't find the post. I did look the web site up.It. Has anyone tried these bags to dry cure any thing? If so did it work? UMAI is the only part of the link I have. Thanks
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    i also was quite interested in that post. i did a search and cant find the exact thread ... BUT ... there are quite a few when i searched dry aged. there have been folks on here that have tried and been very successful. actually didnt find any negatives. im more interested in trying the prosciutto ...

    looks pricey but if they work they are worth every penny. i also havent seen any alternatives. these or nothing ... so far 

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    How many have tried these bags and have you had good results? I've been wanting to try dry curing, but don't have the room or the patience to make a cure chamber. Thought I might try it. 
  6. I've used the bags for dry aging a boneless ribeye rack and have to say the results exceeded my expectations!  Best ribeye steaks I've ever thrown on the grill.  Down to my last three or four steaks so getting time to do it again.

    As far as dry curing I can't help you there.  I will say the bags did let the moisture out without any spoiling of the meat.
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    Most of the directions I see for that kinda stuff says do it in a regular old baggy and drain it once a day. Made a few items like that and seems to work ok. Now for dry aging of individual steaks a nice German fellow taught me how do it and have done tweaked his method right on up. I put 4 or so good steaks on edge in a collander with a dinner plate on the bottom to catch the blood. Into the ice box uncovered. Wash the collander and plate each day and put it back in place for a week while giving the steaks a suffle and flip. Eat on the 7th Day. yum yum. Little mold show up scrape it off.
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