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  1. ahumadora

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    I have been given the green light to build a high end BBQ trailer for events and show.

    The guys I am building it for a semi famous down here for doing Asado's (Argentine BBQ) with over 1.1 million followers on Facebook. (The build is a secret for now).

    It will be similar to this trailer I built earlier this year.

    Will only have 1 smoker the same size as this but also an Al asador  (round tank end in top pic) with 3 racks for hanging meat and which large tripod for a dutch oven, Brasera for burning wood to make coals, Parrilla 200x80cm, chest freezer, wood fired oven, ceramic Kamado style smoker, cabinets for storage, tread plate for siding, 200 x 80cm stainless table, sink with adapter to connect a garden hose and waste water storage.

    He may or may not have a roof on it, but wants somewhere to display a large banner. 

    Question he has is:   What else can we put on it?  

    Let me know if y'all have ideas or photo's.

  2. I don't know, how about a 60" flat screen with surround sound.[​IMG]   Seems like you've got all the bases covered.
  3. ahumadora

    ahumadora Smoking Fanatic

    How do you make a 60" wood fired?   

    I have a serious attachment to heavy steel and wood fires.  Yes he wants to attach some big ass speakers also.
  4. Well then, you'll need to build him a wood fired steam generator, then you have the option of adding a steam calliope.  Best of luck with the new build.
  5. ahumadora

    ahumadora Smoking Fanatic

    I spent the better part of a week sourcing parts and trying to figure out the layout so it all works on the trailer.

    The owner added some more crap so when I done the calculations it exceeded the weight of the trailer, so I had to order new axles and wheels. The will be arriving later this week.

    We made a start on what we can.

    I am building the adjustable height hitch for the big ringfeeder we have to use down here.

    My Bolvian partner started working on the brasero in the photos below.

    C channel for the trailer should be here tomorrow so I can start on that also.

    Here the Brasero, it's where you burn wood to make coals for the parrilla.

    It will have an access door near the top to add wood.


    The coals fall down into the left tube where you will be able to open a door and shovel them into the parrilla next door.

    I cut the end off a 500 Gallon tank to start making athe " Al Asador"  the fire will be inside the small ring and I will make adaptors to mount the crosses (where you hange the meat) .

       It will look like this. 
  6. ahumadora

    ahumadora Smoking Fanatic

    I am buying 50 of these 20"  3/16" tubes for scrap metal price.

     also working on this insulated vertical which should be ready next week.

     This will swing out from the trailer with a 250 gallon tank end sitting on it.

     I have my CAD guy in Croatia making the drawings.  I just send him a whatsapp pic of a drawing and he does the rest.

     We made the handle for the dutch oven.

     part of the swing out mechanisim for the dutch oven. I will get these plasma cut.

     Here it is welded together

     Nope, I don't think it will break!    This is the swing out for the 500 gallon tank end. 100x60x3.2mm  rectangle tube  

    We are still waiting on the brakes and axles and can't do much more until we get them.   
  7. Another great build in progress !![​IMG]

  8. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Another mega build! Looking good!
  9. ahumadora

    ahumadora Smoking Fanatic

    Progress has been slow, trying to get everything to fit in the space but will get there. The upright posts are for a tarp when on the road and storage.  Next year we will build a roof for it.  They are planning an asado for 100 people on the 14th of next month, so I better stop posting on this forum and get my ass to work!  
  10. hardcookin

    hardcookin Master of the Pit

    That's quite the project!! Good luck with your build...keep us updated when you get a chance.
  11. ahumadora

    ahumadora Smoking Fanatic

    Progress finally. 
  12. Looks like you should have all you need to throw a heck of a party! Thanks for sharing all the pictures.
  13. ahumadora

    ahumadora Smoking Fanatic

     Here's the wood storage under the al asadors.

     We will cover the front part with wood so it acts as a table also.

     Wood fired oven 

     Still have no figured out what we are doing with this space.  Maybe a fire extiguisher. 

  14. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Man that's crazy! Keep the pictures coming!
  15. Wow can't wait to see it in action!
  16. ahumadora

    ahumadora Smoking Fanatic

     Will be used to hang a Dutch oven and also a full leg of beef over the fire

     The lid for the trailer tongue

     Cutting boards from Brazilian Pine (Really hard wood)

    Painted the hot parts with Hi temp today.
  17. ahumadora

    ahumadora Smoking Fanatic

    The cutting table slides out on roller guides. We will have 2 more tables as well

    On Friday we fired up the smoker and cooked a few ribs, chicken wings and 2 Boston butts.

     Burning all the crud off the new smoker. We were pressed for time so cooked 300-325f most of the time.

     I seasoned the disc with cooking oil and a couple of onions. Damm that disc got hot fast!

     Have the auto electrician in, installing the 220V , sound system and brake lights.

    Finally we got the rest of the sheet

    metal from the benders, so should have it wrapped up by end of week.

    Another guy wants to rent a 500 Gallon trailer for next weekend and I am only 1/4 of the way through the build, so I better get to work and stop posting.
  18. ahumadora

    ahumadora Smoking Fanatic

     Extra storage space and will put a cutting board on  top.

     I had to knock this 130 gallon baby out this week for an event today. I delivered into Buenos aires at 10 pm last night for an event this morning.

    Progress has

    Like our fold out stairs we made?   In the future I want to put a big whole pig cooker on this side that slides out.  The trailer will be finished Tuesday for an event Weds.     Today we are doing a cook with it, I will get pics of it, I think y'all will be impressed.
  19. Wow! What a build!
  20. mcokevin

    mcokevin Newbie

    Late to the party, but a kegerator would look great on that.  

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