Ukranian and Smoked Bacon Summer

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by reinhard, Dec 29, 2013.

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    Trying new recipes in 5 pound batches before my brother brings me some venison to make sausage for him and a friend of ours.  The bacon summer i made before and it was made for Chrismas presents.  The Hungarian is something new.  This is the second batch of Hungarian i made so far. The first batch had good flavor but was mild, so i tweeked it some more and added more spices and some red pepper flakes to add more heat.  I'm going to make some fresh next time to test the flavor.  I'm pleased with this combo of spices so i'll stick to it.

    Bacon Summer Sausage

    5 pounds of beef chuck

    1 1/2 cup cold water

    6 T Curley's bacon seasoning

    1 T crushed red pepper

    3 tsp mustard seeds

    2 T diced garlic [i use the stuff in jars that are already diced and the tablespoons are heaping full]

    1 cup dry'ed powdered milk

    1 tsp insta cure

    Ukranian Hot Sausage

    3 lbs. beef chuck

    2 lbs. pork butt

    1 large onion chopped

    5 tsp salt

    2 spoons of diced garlic [by spoons i mean the kind you eat soup with] this is my own recipe so i haven't measured it in T yet]

    1 tsp insta cure

    3 tsp black pepper

    1 1/2 tsp ground coriander

    1/2 T marjoram flakes

    1/2 tsp ground bay leaves

    1/2 tsp allspice

    1/2 T crushed red pepper

    1 cup dry'ed powdered milk

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    Looks great!
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    Looks terrific and thanks for posting the recipes.

  5. woodcutter

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    Now that's a nice looking bunch of sausage. Thanks for sharing the recipes!
  6. skully

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    very nice[​IMG],  a very diff. twist on the hungarian for sure. 
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    Thanks everyone!!, ya i started out with a conventional Ukranian.  Too mild for me and tweeked it some. Still too mild as i knew it. Then i tweeked it to this recipe and just like the fairy tale it turned out just right.  So i dont know if i can call it Ukranian anymore.  Reinhard.
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    Sorry everyone, i just edited the word Hungarian to Ukranian.. Must have had a senior moment while putting this thread on and had Hungarian on my mind.  What reminded me was the first pic where i wrote Ukranian on the 5 pound batch.  I left everything the same except the word Hungarian.  Reinhard
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    Looks real good there Reinhard......another thing for me to get to. The list is getting longer and longer......thx for posting the recipe....Willie
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    lol...hilarious, never heard of beef or powdered milk and such in hungarian.  senior moment.  lol.  hungary, ukraine, close enuff i guess.  but thats how wars start in them regions
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    Very nice [​IMG]

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