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    Thank You Sir. We only go to town 2x a week so getting things delivered to my home is usually a bit quicker.
  2. Your UDS is looking good. It won't be long now. Keep the pics coming.

    Happy smoken.

  3. Small update, so I have not made much progress on this since the last post but I have been working to make the weber lid fit better. At first it was just a tiny bit too small to fit so I mechanically persuaded the barrel lip to make it work. I started with some channel locks and just grabbed and bent in and worked my around the lip. I then broke out my big hammer and worked my way around. All in all, I have the lid where it will at least go over the lip but the seal isn't as good as I want.

    Opinion: Would it be better to grind on the lip and take the rolled part off? I know it will then work with my lid and I can put some oven gasket stuff or whatever around the top to seal it up properly. Is the lip needed for structural rigidity to keep the barrel round?

    Here is a pic from yesterday that I took while doing a test burn with only a handful of charcoals to make some smoke. As it sits right now only a tiny bit of smoke leaks out of a couple little places. I don't think it would be enough to mess with airflow but I am a perfectionist and it is bugging me. I may just continue to bend it and beat it until it works.

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    Look for the weber lid mod. Basically bolt or weld a strip of metal to the inside of your drum sticking up a half inch or so for the lid to sit on. You can also put a rope gasket inside the lip on your lid
  5. Looks nice with that smoke coming out

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    For what this is worth....I had three .750 intakes with 90* fittings. With all 3 wide open would struggle to hit 275*. Pulled them off and it no longer struggles.
  7. These are both 1", we will see how it goes. I use a BBQ Guru anyways so air flow won't be an issue. Also, I never smoke that at that high of a temperature. So long as I can hit 225-250 it will be fine.
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  8. I got the racks burned in this afternoon. Definitely not my best work but they aren't going anywhere. All that is left to do is re-sand the inside oil it down and season it. Then I will re-sand and paint the outside. Getting really close now.

    I did have one blow through but I filled it and grinded it down.

  9. Looking Good

  10. Woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning excited to finish this smoker. I re-sanded the inside and vacuumed out the dust then wiped it down with a wet paper towel and oiled it up with spray pam.

    Tossed in a leftover basket of coals and got it going.

    With both ball valves wide open it quickly warmed up to 240*. I closed one completely and after about 25 minutes it settled right around 250*.

    After another 20 minutes it went up to 265* so I closed the one valve half way. I will see where that ends up, I know the guru will keep temps in check so I am very pleased with the performance so far. The smoker is now completely done as far as cooking but I still am up in the air as far as the theme and paint I want to do for now.
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    Looks good. Job well done
  12. It looks very nice! It is nice to see some smoke. Glad to see your able to control the temps. You should be able to dial it in and walk away for hours.

    Happy smoken.

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    Looks good. Welding on a drum....for me it is more about creating vents.
  14. Well I was able to keep temps between 220* and 250* with one valve. After opening both up and letting it get hot it reached about and held around 350*. I think that is about as hot as it is going to get with out the BBQ Guru fan.

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    Do you need it any higher?
  16. Nope, that is as hot as I will ever need. I do sometimes cook meatloaf and such on there so it is nice to have the ability. It will also be good for chickens and stuff after it has had a chance to smoke for a bit.
  17. So, small update. I took the drum out to my Dad's house this weekend with the intent to cut off the lip at the top and put oven gasket around the top to seal it up better against the lid. I was not happy with the smoke leaking out around a couple spots on the edges. While it wasn't enough to affect temps, I am a perfectionist and wasn't completely satisfied. So, my Dad is more of a perfectionist than I am so he got out a 3lb mini sledge hammer and a regular hammer. He proceeded to give it hell and worked his way around the edges slowly and loudly. He put the heavy hammer inside against the lip and beat the outside in. After about 15 minutes I now have a very well sealed and tight fitting lid without any additional parts only some effort. According to him "all you need is a little bit of want to".

    Also, to top it all off...my brother gave me another empty drum so UDS #3 will commence soon. I am going to build another for my best friend who really likes mine and has borrowed it a few times. I will surprise him with his own soon. This is what he currently uses but it is a wood hog and hard to keep steady temps. You pretty much need to have a bunch of beer while you sit and watch it.

    Updates on that will be in a new thread but for now... the donor. This one housed automatic transmission fluid so another good burnout will need to happen.

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    Addictive isn't it.....?  They all look great.
  19. I got a little work done today.

    Paint stage 1, 2 coats of high temp engine header paint good to 2000* supposedly.

    Paint stage 2, 2 coats of high temp black brake caliper paint with ceramic.

    I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am going to stencil something on it but not sure what yet. The maiden voyage will be this weekend. I am smoking a couple pork butts for a family gathering this weekend for Easter.

    Here we have past, present and future. My old smoker which is soon to be my brothers, my current build and the donor for my buddy who will get it soon.

    I have done many many smokes on my original version, it will be hard to let it go but I know it has a good home. It looks like it needs a fresh coat of paint which I have just realized after looking at these pictures. I will leave that in the capable hands of my brother.
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    The drum that had AT in it, are you gonna give it a quick rinsing before lighting it up? Wondering if it will smoke? Or make some interesting, colorful flames?

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