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  1. Getting my UDS delivered tomorrow, - pretty stoked at this point! My only issue is that the guy that designs them cuts a small access door in the bottom. I asked about this and he said it acts as the intake and has never had problems with it. I was wondering if sealing it off with some silicon or hi temp tape would improve heat/temp retention that the UDS is known for. Any thoughts?

    It's been awhile since I last posted, or did anything low & slow, but I am here to announce my return to glory, as it were lol.

    I have been off exploring the world of homebrew, and having that pretty much nailed down, I will be setting up some nice brew & que events at my humble abode in beautiful Rio Linda. 

    If no one shows up, more for me  :)

    Anyways, here's to Que, and good HomeBrew!


     - B916
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  2. rbranstner

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    I've just recently started getting into home brewing as well with my buddy. I don't have any of the equipment but I am helping him and I have a batch fermenting at his house as we speak. Great hobby and and very addicting just like smoking. Now onto your smoker. Is this access door the only air intake that he has on the UDS or does he have ball valves or some other type of intakes on the bottom as well? I though about putting a door on my UDS when I was building it because I though I would have to add lump wood but after using mine I was glad that I didn't cut the door as I have never even come close to needed to add lump. Have you ever ran a UDS? If not you are going to love it after you play with it a bit and get things dialed in.
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    ya im confused as to where your talking. Like do you mean the very bottom of the UDS or on the side close to the bottom. If its just a door and he has normal intakes then i would just seal it up. You will never need to get at the fire basket if you use lump or real wood brisk like stubbs.
  4. I'm not sure if it has any other intakes built in; the door is on the side near the bottom.

    Here is a photo:

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  5. lookwow

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    Hmm thats an interesting build for a uds. It looks like there are no ball valves or anything like that. Not sure how just that door is going to allow you to manage the temp.
  6. rbranstner

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    Yea I don't know about that design? It must work or he would be doing something different. Well if you have issues it would be easy to put a few intakes on the bottom if need be. Maybe ask him how he regulates his since the design is different than I have ever seen. If you decide to seal up that door you are going to make some type of intake holes near the bottom. I agree if there is a good size charcoal basket you will never need to gain access to that basket during your smoke.
  7. Yeah I was hoping whatever air seeps in would drive the fire, hopefully 'just right' - if not I will break out the drill and seal the door off.


     - B916
  8. rbranstner

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    So does he open the door and close it or something to get more or less air flow? Play with it and see you what you think I guess. It would be easy to add them if need be.
  9. Yeah, I'll find all that out when he delivers it. 

    I'll prolly add the additional ports anyways and seal that door airtight, so I can use it as a WSM on steroids or as a UDS when I want to set & forget.

    Thanks guys. 

     - B916
  10. smokinal

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    It would seem if these are for sale they must have a bottom vent. I'm guessing it's on the back.
  11. tjoff

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    I am in Elk Grove CA and have been trying to build one for a while and with the kids baseball and cheerleading schedules I don't have much time.

    Can you tell me where you bought this one or a link to order one?  Thanks
  12. TJ - I sent you a PM, I didn't want to give a public recommendation until I get my UDS from the vendor.
  13. ..Ok, this thing holds temp like a champ, - I got 'er home, oiled 'er up and after a blazing inferno to char up some steaks, this thing is still holding 220 after 4 hours, on ONE chimney of coals. Once it is sealed up it normalizes nicely. I had to fiddle with the door latch to regulate (no additional valves on this build) but it has not dropped below 200 and if it flirts below 210 i just crack the door and it bumps back up to 220-230 in about 5 minutes. I am impressed with this UDS and am liking the build. 
  14. oldschoolbbq

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    I was thinking [​IMG]it may have been designed to use wood chunks !

    I did mine that way for access to add wood hunks,start in a chimney,pour into firebasket

    and top with some extra chunks,close all up , set ballvalve when heat is stabled and just

    watch the therm.Does a good 6hrs. then a little more fuel with no heat loss at the top!

    I will snap a shot and persent it (cause I know-one pic, no truth)[​IMG]

    woks good for and keeps me using wood[​IMG].

    Have fun and...
  15. meateater

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    Yup, just like mine. A small door will not effect performance. Let's see some MEAT!!! [​IMG]
  16. usherk44

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    Im new to this could you tell me what uds stands for
  17. dirtsailor2003

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    Ugly Drum Smoker
  18. fwismoker

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    Huh? I answered this for him earlier but my post isn't here.
  19. usherk44

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    Thanks I was thinking way to hard on that one.

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