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  1. After reading hours of threads on here,i build my on uds. Awesome smoker by the way. But here my troubles, i got 3 3/4 in air inlets. 2 have ball vales,1 is capped. I can reach 225 easy but much more the 250 is a chore. Flat lid 2"in bung hole stack, basket 8"around and 12"tall. Any ideas fellas ?
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    I can't speak much on the multiple inlets, as I have a single inlet @ 2", and a single exhaust @ 2", however; if you could answer a few questions we may be able to help you a bit better. When you're at 225*, is that wide open on both inlets and exhaust? Rule of thumb is to leave the exhaust wide open at all times. Could you tell us about how you start your smoker? 

    The only other issue I can see is with your fire basket. Is it sitting directly on the bottom of your UDS, or is it elevated above where your inlets are positioned?

    Give us some more info, and I'm sure we'll come up with an answer for ya! Pics of your set-up help as well!
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    Did you mean to say your basket was 8" in diameter or did you mean 18"? If it's really 8" then your intake air may be bypassing your coals and going straight out, carrying some of your heat with it.

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