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  1. Just built a UDS and would like some advice and have a few questions also. I submitted a photo and used 3 ball valves rather than 1 and 2 nipples like most do and was just curious on if that would hurt my smokers ability to operate compared to the 1 valve and 2 nipple design. Thanks

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    Nope. I have ( 3) 3/4" valved intakes. I can run low and slow or hot and fast.
  3. Sweet. Also my basket is set up about half inch above the holes that should be fine shouldn't it? Sorry for the rookie sounding questions it's my first drum.
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    You probably better raise that up. The ash will choke your fire. Mine is 3"+/- above the bottom.
  5. Do u have an ash pan down there? My plan was to pull basket out after so many hours and pull the ash pan out quick and dump it set back in and set the basket back in etc. Would that get me by for now? And how long do I estimate I could cook for with that set up before it began to choke?
  6. Reason I ask is I have a comp next Friday. Not really a comp comp but a backyard event that's for learning purposes and experimenting. And I got my drum set up to where I can put a grate directly above basket with a water pan and a heat defuser of some sort and then I can have 2 racks of food above that so brisket on top butts on 2nd rack and grate with water pan below that and then the coal basket. Does that all sound workable or probable?
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  8. So with the rack placement as I said and what I'd like to do on each rack as far as meat placement and the waterpan/heat defuser rack above the coal basket and the upcoming event what do u recommend
  9. cause I've never used it yet either lol
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    When I use a diffuser it sits about 2"-3" above the top of the charcoal basket. AS for my cooking racks it really depends on what I am cooking. I have a system that allows me to adjust the racks in 2" increments from the top of the barrel all the way down to the bottom of the drum. Of course the charcoal basket limits that.

    If you haven't run your UDS yet I'd recommend firing it several times between now and your comp to get a handle on how it performs. Its easy to overshoot temps, and once you do its hard to get them back down again. Get yourself some chickens, spatchcock them and do a few practice runs.

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