UDS questions on build! May want to build one soon

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by bostonsmoke, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. I have a couple simple questions in regards to building a UDS. 

    How do you add more fuel or wood during a cook if you need to? It seems like you'd have to remove all your food and grates to access and refill the basket? Does anyone put doors in the side of theirs like a WSM?? How about cleaning out all the ash after a cook? Do you basically have to tip the drum upside down and shake it all out?

    Thanks for your help.

    Off I go to do more research!
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    You won't have to add fuel - period. I've never had any cook in one that had to last more than 24 hrs and I've always had fuel left after cooking. A 17" diameter by 6" tall basket will hold enough fuel to go over 24 hrs in a single burn provided you aren't in extreme weather conditions.

    I prefer to us a lump coal (Royal Oak in the red bag) vs. the standard charcoal. But lots of folks use the standard pressed charcoal. The reason I use lump is that it burns hotter, but standard charcoal may burn more consistant due to consistant shape. Your choice and no biggie either way.

    Build that drum and get to cookin - you will love them.
  3. What I would do is after ashes have cooled down (mabey pour water on to be sure) or wait 2 days with lid off  use shop vac to remove the ashes.

    As far as adding more wood you should not half to but you could design a 2'' ? pipe to run down inside along the side into the basket but you would be going thru your grate to add more wood chips.
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    If you make even a remotely descent size basket you will be able to smoke for 24+ hours without worrying  about adding fuel. I have never had to add  fuel in mine.I have my ash pan  connected to my fire basket so the next smoke when I pull the basket out to add more fuel I just remove the ashes then.
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    The charcoal basket I built for my UDS is 18.5" diameter and 12" high. The longest I have gone is 36 straight hours and still had about 1/3 of my lump charcoal left over.

    For cleaning it out I just lift the charcoal basket out and use a small shovel. Using lump, it takes a while to accumulate enough ash to have to clean it out.
  6. Great info guys!! Thanks so much!

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