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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by slowsmoke, Apr 20, 2010.

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    $200 for the rig? [​IMG] I think that's a hefty profit for the seller considering you can get drums for as little as $20, plus the cost of supplies and a couple racks.

    I've not built one before but maybe someone who has, can chime in with the total cost they invested in the build?
  2. In my personal opinion I think that is a pretty good price. I just built one and the little things add up, , barrel, paint, lid handle, casters, thermo ect.. Plus the amount of work you put into it, all though fun it is time consuming. Just my thoughts. Ask if it comes with the charcoal basket. That is an additional cost. Good luck. Let us know what you decide.
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    Agreed, I know we spent close to that on our tailgating UDS' maybe more.The thing is some people don't want to deal with building one or have the skills or tools. I think if it comes with 3 grates, thermo, casters, handle and charcoal basket and you have $200 to spend do it.
  4. sumosmoke

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    I stand corrected on my thoughts of the cost on a UDS. Glad to hear the true cost of them. Learned something new [​IMG]
  5. grizandizz

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    Not to correct you at all!You are right you can build one for cheap. Some people dont want all the bells and whistles. We just decided that if we were going to put the time in we would trick it out. That's what drove our costs. We got very nice casters, more expensive thermos, 3 nice ball valves extra handles and a trick ass paint job!! :)You can build one for $50 or $200+ just depends on what you want.
  6. Yea I figure I put around $150 into mine by the time you buy all of the racks, ball valve, lids, thermometers, expandable metal etc. it does add up. But in my case I had to buy everything. If you have spare grates and expandable metal and stuff already you could whip one up pretty cheap. Yea I would ask about a fire basket if it came with that then I would go for it but if not then you could build one cheaper.
  7. I agree Grizz. When I went into it I thought it was going to be very low cost and once into it I the true cost was revealed. But it was a blast to make and I love to smoke on it.
  8. Shhhh.... If my wife ever jumps on here and sees this I'm in trouble! [​IMG]

    When she asked I just said, "How much do you think a trash can is going to cost us?" [​IMG]
  9. yeah, i emailed him and it does come with a charcoal basket. I don't have any supplies lying around here and i could work a day of ot to pay for it instead of spending the day looking for parts. may go ahead and jump on it. thanks
  10. Well the UDS is a sweet smoker. I wouldn't pay that much, mine cost $83.60 with a little patience in supplies. If you want to skip all the do it yourself parts then spend the $200. You won't be disappointed in the cooker itself. I just smoked on mine this weekend and it held it's temp for 14-15 hours (235f-240f) with about 8-9lbs of charcoal.
  11. I wanted to take the economical route...but got giddy in the process and ended up spending around $150.

    I already had a Weber grate too...

    My work has a plasma cutter, and some expanded metal, so I saved there, but I think $200 is well worth it.

    After all, it can hold more than a WSM and look how much those cost, but cook w/ same principle
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    I'm not saying what I spent on mine, but will tell you I'm happy and will be buried in it, "Dual Purpose". I'm looking for many a year with it. [​IMG]

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