UDS no weld fire box

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  1. UDS no weld fire box
    UDS no weld fire box
    a few seconds ago
    Well I'm not a weld and don't aspire to be, that said here's what I did. 18" weber grate, 3-12"x24" 1/2 expanded metal sheets, old pizza pan as an ash collected, several nuts, bolts, washers, and most importantly cable clamps (Crosby Clamps).

    Spend less than $60 and completed it in under 1.5hrs. Now before you go critiquing remember this is function over form, doesn't need to be pretty to cook some damn good BBQ.
    Ideally having a form to bend the expanded metal around before installing the clamps.
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    Yup, that will work.
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    Nicely done. I did mine similarly with the same grate, only 2 sheets of the same expanded metal, and an 18" tabletop grill as my ash pan.

    It has 3" legs made of 5/16" bolts and I used stainless steel zip-ties to hold the sides to the base. I cut the top 4" of each of my sheets of expanded metal and used them together to bridge the gap as you can see in the first pic. This makes the inside of my basket 8" tall instead of 12" but the capacity has been fine, even for long cooks. The chains come together with an "S" hook at the top. It wasn't necessary but it was my version of a cheap handle. I can eaily lift it in or out without getting grease on my shirt. That was my goal.
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