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  1. So I am about to build my first UDS and am slowly acquiring all the necessary parts, I am going the riser/ ball valve route with 4 1" intakes (I live in Nova Scotia and want to smoke in the dead of winter). I am using a salvaged weber for the rack and coal basket, I have picked up Stainless hardware for all of my nuts/ bolts etc. What I am having issue with at the moment is the adjustable rack system, I have purchased these slotted steel brackets and shelves: http://www.kent.ca/kbs/en/product.j...=jump&navId=2274&prdId=2090231&catalogId=2274 But I am just hesitant about the material, should I be worried about off gassing after I burn all the paint off? Also any suggestion on what to use for a basket handle to lower the basket? Finally I was thinking about adding casters eventually, should I bother with a set with brakes? And in the interim how hot will the bottom of the UDS get if I have the coal basket raised 3" from the bottom (I'm on a second story deck and worried about risk of fire). Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm kinda surprised here, 130 views and nobody has any insight for me?
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    Sorry you've not had any hits, B-Boy.

    I don't have a UDS; so I can't help you at all; but I do know where the UDS Build thread starts

    Check the thread there and keep posting. Someone more knowledgeable than I am is bound to find and answer your questions.

  4. I saw one pic (I have no idea where I saw it) but they used the bail on a 5 gallon bucket to make a handle for the charcoal basket. I'm sorry no one answered you sooner :( my hubby brings home casters all the time from work, I have thought about putting my uds on casters for sure. I would think brakes or at least a way to chock your wheels would be a safe way to go. Dirtsailor2003 has a similar set up with the brackets in his uds, I would shoot him a pm. I know he'd help you out.
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    Views are tallied to include folks who just drop in and aren't members.... so they can't comment... others don't have "verified" information to help you out or are looking for answers to help themselves... Soooo, don't worry....

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    Once you burn out the drum at 500 deg. F +, there shouldn't be any problem with off gassing of the coating....

    Place a non-combustible surface below the drum about 2" and raise it off the deck about 1"... the 2 air gaps will save the deck... If you suspend a piece of sheet steel 2" below the drum and 2" above the deck... put 4" wheels on the drum.... you are good to go...
  7. Never built one but would absolutely remove the epoxy coat finish from the adjustable standards & brackets.

    I have seen some people add a wire handle to their charcoal basket and use a hook on a handle to access it

    No need for brakes on casters IMO

    I would add a bbq mat under the smoker or some type of diffuser that Dave mentioned above...don't want to burn the house down!

    Good Luck, send pics

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