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Discussion in 'UK Smokers' started by adenjago, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. adenjago

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    Hi Guys

    Just after a bit of advice regarding the next step for my UDS, as it has been ages since have made a progress on due to  either work or family life, so I decided to get the ball rolling this weekend with a Burnout.  (I successfully grinded and Painted the Lid on the Saturday)

    Basically the burnout today which lasted for about 6 Hours, I was expecting\hoping for a lot more paint to come off and more bare metal to be shown.  

    so Im wondering if I should perform another burnout next weekend or just get my Grinding disc out and start the grinding process ?

    (Im unsure if another burnout would be of any benefit)


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  2. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    If you do another burn, drill out your holes for your air intakes at the bottom. That will help get the fire going hotter.
  3. adenjago

    adenjago Fire Starter

    Hi Sailor

    Cheers for the Quick reply.....

    I don't think they a visible in the pics but the there are the 2x 3/4 Holes on either side drilled ready for intake when I did the burnout.
  4. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Well then is say grind on it and see how it goes. If there's still some tough paint do another burn. Tipping the barrel and partially laying it down can help Get the heat down low. You can carefully rotate it while burning if needed, wear welding gloves!
  5. adenjago

    adenjago Fire Starter

    thanks dirtsailor2003...

    I think it will be a long weekend of Grinding..... 

    Im not sure it will be possible to do a burnout as suggested on it's side....
  6. Hello Ade.  Sorry I missed this.  Work getting in the way of important stuff.  I might try one more burn as being an old welder I HATE grinding.  That's some good tuff paint you have there.  Usually more tends to burn off.  I hope you are not planning a grinding wheel to tackle that.  Grinding wheels are made to tackle just that, high speed grinding/cutting of steel.  If you use them to "sand/grind off paint or use them on wood the paint/wood particles CAN become impacted in the grinding wheel.  At the speed the wheels turns, when it becomes impacted with the residue it can " explode"/ violently fly apart.  Now this doesn't always happen but manufacturers warn against using them for this purpose.  Also the discs can reduce the thickness of the steel and if it gets away from you you can easily cut a gash in your drum.  May I recommend you use a flat knotted wire brush or even better a 4" knotted wire cup brush.  These things "eat" paint like a monster!  Keep them moving or even they can eat through thin steel quickly.  NOW!!  CAUTION!! about these brushes!!  THESE ARE ANIMALS!!  They don't respect flesh!  FULL face shield.  HEAVY leather gloves.  HEAVY long sleeve shirt, tucked in to your jeans.  Light jean jacket even better over shirt.  Heavy jeans.  Firm grip and DO NOT GET DISTRACTED!  All they need is to catch on an edge and they will jump.  The cup brush is not meant to be used flat.  With a little gentle experimentation you will learn how to use which edge to get the desired effect.  The reason for heavy clothing is that they often throw off wires which will definitely penetrate skin.  I don't want to scare you away from using these tools.  I just want you to be aware.  Just like food safety I would not recommend a tool or process without trying to pass on all the safety tips I can.  I have seen a few welders who didn't respect these things come a cropper.  Just like any power tool, used properly and with respect they can save you many hours of work.  Hope this helps.  Keep Smokin!

  7. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Laying on the side and burning is just like standing it up. You don't lay it all the way down. Prop the open end up with a couple cinder blocks or rocks.
  8. adenjago

    adenjago Fire Starter

    Cheers for the reply guys...

    Danny, I neglected to mention I have already Successfully Grinded the lid downtown to the bare metal and painted it with some VHT yellow Gloss,  the grinding was down using the brushes you described while you correct they aren't might t be used flat they do cover more area but you are fighting to control the drill and yes like yourself Im want to be safe, disposable respirator an Saftey Googles were used and some gloves..

    Hoping to finish the Drum this weekend on saturday and possible apply the VHT Gloss on the Sunday dependent on the time it takes to get it down to the bare metal, it would be in the garage when down to the bare metal, to help prevent the rust start

    DirtySailor - in that case then, I'll probably look at doing if the Grinding is a bit much

    cheers all for the repsonses 

  9. Hello Ade.  I did not mean to offend.  I didn't mean to "talk down to you" it's that we never quite know the skill set level when we offer advice.  I just wanted to make sure you were as safe as could be.  Glad it's all coming together for you.  Sounds like this is going to be a smoker that stands out a bit?  Yellow gloss?  WOW!  Can't wait to see this one.  Keep Smokin!

  10. adenjago

    adenjago Fire Starter

    hi Danny

    Certainly No offence taken,  Re-reading your post I'm not quite sure were you thinking you were talking down to me...I certainly can't see ...no harm done..

    yes took most of morning grinding the out side of the barrel, then applied the Gloss Black VHT paint in the afternoon,  I do need to finished the lid as small boo boo happened.

    the main problem is source some thread 3/4 pipe about 18"-20" in length, for the air inlet....every where seem to do 6 meter lengths(i have tried all local steel holders fabricators, but I need to buy a Thread Die which would be a waste just to use once 

    there should be some more pics up this weekend once the lid is rectified...

    My drum is being modelled on the below link, really liked the colour scheme...


  11. wade

    wade Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Hi Ade. Have you been in contact with a local plumber. You may find that they have a short section of pipe they would be prepared to sell you and odds-on they would thread it for you too for a small fee. Also ask at your local plumbing centre. They may be able to help you out.
  12. wade

    wade Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Great step-by-step video Ade. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing how yours turns out [​IMG]
  13. deano

    deano Fire Starter

    Looks the exact same drum that I picked up Ade. I'm having the same problems with pipe etc also so let me know how you get on finding it. Have you had any luck finding material for your charcoal basket?
  14. Hello. I have found loads of stuff on E-Bay.  Usually cut to size.  I don't think it's the cheapest way to go but if you are stuck you can usually find it there.

    Ade and Deano;  I hope to see you both at next years meet.  We are booking places now ( check out the Group page ).  GET IN THERE guys!  Keep Smokin!

  15. adenjago

    adenjago Fire Starter

    Hi Deano,

    Similar drum apart from Mine has go a lid,  so i did not need the cut the top off.

    my Burnout was from 11 in the morning till about 5 in the afternoon, but still had a lot of paint on the bottom which took while to get of grinding,  but I have noticed that Burnout Smell is still there ?? will that go when it is Seasoned ? as it is stinking the garage out at the moment (our fridge resides in the garage)

    in regards to the pipe, Ive asked so people who use to be pipe fitters and still waiting for them to come back to me,  

    My Choacal basket, I picked up a 12" BBQ portable in a sale for £3 from Asda that is gona be donor for the Basket, I have got 12" bottom Grill know for the Base and the bottom of BBQ as the ash pan.

    I got some Stainless woven Mesh, but I little worried that the 12" diameter basket is not going to be bigger enough, but the other issue is withe Stanless mesh being woven it moves quite a bit when trying to bend it around the 12" Grate

    Im hoping to be able to put some more pictures up this weekend dependent on the weather, with all the bits and pieces & Components I'm using (Mesh, valves, Fire Basket\Portable BBQ etc),   once the Lid is re-worked dependent on the weather, then I can start putting some parts together less the pipework to see how it looks, the only issue like with Deano is the pipework, but I'm just waiting for some people to come back to me.

    not the best picture as the light is reflecting on it from the flash and makes the paint look uneven, it looks a lot more glossy than the pictures showed, but all the holes drilled 

    as you can see slight issue with the lid regarding the paint,  which I need to regrind and re-gloss....Im not sure how it happened but there was a lot of speckles black gloss on there, I tried to regrind just the area's effected and re-gloss but it comes out with a slightly different shade, so I'm going take it all off and start it again.

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  16. Hello Folks.  That burnout smell??  Does it smell of burned paint or something else?

  17. adenjago

    adenjago Fire Starter

    it's a burnt woodish smell....Im hoping it was maybe just the type of wood I used.....but im sure once the weather is better being outside will get rid of it hopefully.
  18. Yeah!  That's just why I asked.  Did you use pine for the burn out?  Is the inside clean looking or does it have a dark coating look?  I am thinking maybe pine tar/creosote.  I wouldn't really think so because you did the burnout open topped but just asking.  Now!  Just to let you know I have a smoker I use in the caravan.  I can't keep it in the caravan when stored because the whole caravan smells of wood smoke if I do.  In a confined space it can become overpowering but you used the phrase "stinking the garage out".  If it just an overpowering smell of wood smoke; then you done good to use an old redneck saying.  Keep Smokin!

  19. try bending/rolling the mesh using a 5l paint tin or simlar, then something a bit smaler, as it will spring back.

    this will give it some curved strength and make it easier to fit.
  20. Hello  engineman.  I thought we had lost you.  Glad to see you are still around.  Good tip.  Thanks for posting.  Jump in more often and just "grunt"  every now and then if you have nothing to add so we know you are still there.  [​IMG]   We don't want to lose touch with any of our members.  Keep Smokin!


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