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    I recently built an electric UDS, and I love it.  But during the build I had the normal "HOW DO I GET THIS PHENOLIC LINER OUT?" issue.  I had a media blaster, but it wasn't super effective.  I don't live somewhere I could burn it out with pallets.

    So I borrowed a propane weed burner from a friend.  I hit that phenolic with as much heat as I could.  It did not budge.  The paint on the outside peeled off, the metal was glowing, but that dang phenolic just turned dark and stayed where it was.  Some quick wire brushing showed it was still well adhered and this was largely ineffective.

    So I figured I would use the weed burner to burn off all the labels on the drum and remove the original paint.  I hit the outside with the flamethrower.

    And lo and behold, the phenolic resin on the inside started peeling off.  Viola!  I spent the next half hour burning that barrel from the outside in, and when I was done, I literally just dumped the phenolic coating that had peeled off into the trash bin and admired my clean metal barrel.  I think moisture or other volatiles between the layers must have vaporized and liberated the bond between the metal and plastic.

    Your mileage may vary, but this was my experience.  Propane weed burners are not expensive and have many other uses, like applying 3rd degree burns to the back of ones leg, lighting your fence on fire, and other general mayhem.  Everyone should have one.
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    Hahaha.... So you can burn paint but not pallets? I second the weed burner thing, they aren't half bad at burning weeds too.
  3. I am a little worried about this also.  If I burn a whole pallet or two through this, is the fire department going to come running?  I have a pretty big lot, 13k sq ft, but most of it's grass and it's a little crispy right now.  The only concreted areas are in plain view.  Also, a gigantic column of smoke rising into the air for hours is going to call some attention.  
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    Well, where I live burning in an enclosed container is legal. I don't know where you are located since it's not in your profile but unless there is a burn ban I would set it up on some blocks and burn it out. Pallet wood burns clean so not much more smoke than starting up a charcoal smoker. Do they allow fire pits where you are or more specifically warming fires in enclosed containers? Just don't burn any wood with paint or stain on it or anything else for that matter. Pallets are usually pretty easy to find for free.
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    Contact the fire dept. they may set up a controlled burn as a fire exercise 
  6. I updated my location.  I live in Orange County, CA, Just outside of LA County.  My city is a real pain in the butt on somethings.  I tried calling the fire authority, but they didn't respond and I didn't want to leave any identifying information.  

    I found this info - Some excerpts.  It mentions approved outdoor etc.  I don't know if a barrel is approved, or if it counts as a BBQ.  

    Exceptions: A permit is not required for the following: 1. Fires in approved outdoor or portable fireplaces, fire pits, fire rings and similar devices at Group R occupancies that are installed and used in accordance with this code. 

    307.6 Outdoor Fireplaces, Fire Pits, Fire Rings, or Similar Devices Used at Group R Occupancies. Outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, fire rings, or similar exterior devices used at Group R shall comply with this section. Exception: Barbeques, grills, and other portable devices intended for cooking.
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    well there you go. You are building a BBQ right? I bet if you are standing out there with a hose burning in a barrel clean pallet wood for a few hours no one will bother you.
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    Burn with the weed burner worked great, no real smoke.  I think the issue with burning wood in large quantities is that most people would immediately think you are burning trash and call the authorities.  I think nobody even noticed me burning with the weed burner.

    But the key was the heat from the outside in.  I could make the barrel GLOW from the inside out and that coating did not budge.   Heated from the outside in, it just fell off.
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  9. Also, with a bag of marshmallows and some graham crackers in case they do show up.   

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