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Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by jdne5b, Dec 31, 2013.

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    I finished up my first couple UDS builds this week.  One for my dad for Christmas and one for myself.  I added an AMNPS Ammo box mod to mine, which I'm still fine tuning.  I need to work on my pellet lighting skills and probably add more airflow to keep it lit.

    Both have:

    3 - 3/4 inch nipples/caps

    1 - 3/4 ball valve

    Adjustable racks

    Once I figure the AMNPS out and we get some temps above freezing, I hope to smoke some cheese.  Tomorrow will be Ribs.

    It sure will be nice to get through a cook without using 20+ lbs of charcoal.  My OK Joes gets thirsty for fuel.

    Seasoning my dads:

    My build:

    Lit AMNPS

    Adjustable rack, pardon the oil that pooled during seasoning.

    Now for my BBQ Guru question.  I have a DigiQ II set up with 25 CFM fan, will I be able to use that on the UDS, or will the 25cfm fan be to much even if I closed off the inlet some?
  2. daveomak

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    The 25 cfm unit may be too much.... there may be a solution though... Plumb the Q to a "tee" ... one leg of the "tee" can be used to vent the air supply to atmosphere and the remaining air to the UDS... Not sure how that will work though.... If the Q turns the air down real low, the natural draft of the UDS could pull air through the "tee" leg open to atmosphere... but then that could be overcome by making a gravity flapper that closed when no air was pressurizing the "tee"... like the flap on a dryer vent.....
    Doesn't Q recommend a certain size for the UDS.... like 5 cfm or something...

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  3. jdne5b

    jdne5b Fire Starter

    Yes, when you order a setup off their site, they suggest the 10cfm for Drums.  Maybe I'll give them a call or just try it out on a dry run.  That's probably the best thing to do.

    I like your idea though, sounds like it would work.

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