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Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by soonerprices, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. soonerprices

    soonerprices Newbie

    just a few

    1) What are some methods to starting the fire?

    2) It seems that one draw back to the UDS is adding wood to your fire.  How is this done?

    3) The barrels I bought have the flat lid.  They have a hole with threads where the cap is at.  Does this hole work fine for an exhaust or do you get any enhancement from adding a smoke stack?

    I had other questions but searched the forums and the answers them and this is all I have left.  Thanks in advance.  
  2. jrod62

    jrod62 Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    Use the minion method
    ( http://www.smoking-meat.com/minion-method-weber-smokey-mountain.html )
    I lite around 10 coals and put them on top of the unlit coals in my charcoal basket.
    when using the minion method just mix in the wood with the unlit coals.
    I can get up to 20 hours out of a charcoal basket full so there no need to add wood
    or coals during the smoke.
    And yes the holes on your lid will work fine
  3. soonerprices

    soonerprices Newbie

    Thanks for the info. Starting my build this weekend.
  4. jrod62

    jrod62 Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    Good. Make sure you upload pictures here so we can see it when your done.

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