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  1. wdoss89

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    Ok so a little odd of a title but I needed something to catch everyones eyes....

    So im well underway to getting my UDS build completed. Been fighting with the weather, wife(considering I have a Bradley smoker mod project going as well), and sick kids for time. As of right now though Im getting to the point where im going to mark holes, drill and mount all piping I need for intakes.

    So here is my dilemma....I can do all the painting myself with the high heat 2000° primer and paint.

    Or I can spend about $75 on a local powder coating place that does a high heat ceramic enamel coating. The process they said is much like powder coating, spray it on and bake it finished.

    Whats everyone else doing and what kind of duration are they seeing out of it?
  2. burgerbob

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    I just posted a photo in the group of my UDS.  Unless you want some special design with your paint I would recommend painting it yourself.  When purchasing your paint I would recommend making sure you get the semi-gloss and not the flat or matte paint.  I used Rustoleum brand and the only thing I don't like is the matte/flat finish on it.  Thought I had purchased the semi-gloss to give it a little shine.  Hope this helps

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