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  1. [​IMG]This is a GREAT thing. We can help each other with all sorts of things.  I am hopeful and excited that Jeff has allowed us to start this.  I'll try to translate from "merican" to proper English as best I can even tough I only speak Texas ) [​IMG].  Keep Smokin!

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    Have Fun...JJ
  3. markuk

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    How can I join this [​IMG]
  4. Hello MarkUK.  At the top of the page you should see Groups.  Click there and you should be able to join there.  If you are in touch with any other UK members , spread the word.  Glad to have ya.

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    Now joined up - had a good year smoking - smoker is now in the garage for the winter but am thinking of swirching to Gas next year as BBQ coals are so pricey - been thinking of switching for several years now for BBQ ing - I've posted a thread about this yesterday if you haver any thoughts

    Can I set up alerts if someone posts in the UK Forum ??

  6. Hello Mark.  If you subscribe to the group I think you will get alerts.  I am gong to convert a fridge for the same sort of reasons.  Smoking in the UK is tuff most of the time due to weather.  A sealed insulated fridge using gas should solve the problem.  I have seen my neighbours checking it out when they smell hickory or mesquite and there is snow on the ground. [​IMG]   Now they know it's just the crazy Yank at it again.  Keep Smokin!

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  8. Thank you Chefs.  I am sure all the UK members will benefit from the group.

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    Congrats! For decades the United States' main culinary contribution to the world was burgers, hot dogs, and McDonalds. Now hopefully our UK friends across the pond can spread the gospel on great BBQ that we Americans are so proud of. Good luck!
  10. Thanks Humdinger.  I am an American transplant but this is home now.  Many folks here are learning quickly.  There are many folks who now know their stuff pretty well.  Keep Smokin!

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    What more could you want, all that experience and info but a little closer to home, thank you for the invite Danny, much appreciated.

    South West.
  12. Hello Lee.  Finally found your post.  It is strange that it let you post a reply but didn't add you to the group.  As I said, if you are still having trouble PM me and I will try to contact Admin for help.  Keep Smokin!

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    MURICAN* lol didn't know you Englishmen did bbq 
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    Ha.. We've no other choice, electricity hasn't reached this part of the world yet :77:
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