Tyson Pork Shoulder Butt - $1.98/# at Wal-Mart

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by gimmeharmony, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. I missed the closing time for Costco so I had to go on a hunt for meat.  Found a near 8lber and am letting it go overnight with my AMNPS with Pitmaster's Choice and some charcoal! Todd - worked the charcoal into this batch.  We'll see how it turns out for looks and flavor!


    See ya in 10 hours  :)
  2. Also......I am using a new dry rub from a friend's recipe.  It was labeled "GATES RUB" so I am hoping it is of the famous Gates BBQ in Kansas City!

    Very anxious for time to pass.  :)

    Cooking at 230 degrees

    WOO HOO!
  3. IT 143

    All going as planned!
  4. IT 175 @ 8AM.

    This is a beautiful site!

    Letting it ride for full bark!
  5. big dee

    big dee Smoke Blower

    Looks great.

  6. Looking good.

    Happy smoken.

  7. dave17a

    dave17a Smoking Fanatic

    Makin me hungry. Dont know why I look at this forum before breakfast.
  8. Hmmmmmmm....192 17 hrs into this. Reprobed and used another thermometer. Bumped the MES to 250 and moved the butt to the bottom rack. C'mon meat!
  9. OK - that did it.  Already up to 197.  Homestretch!!!
  10. Mmmmmmmmmm!!

    I got my bun ready!!!
  11. Here it is finished.

    "I love the bark, dad."
    My 12 year old son has been sufficiently trained!

    Yummy! Now to do some salmon and an eye round!
  12. speaks

    speaks Fire Starter

    Man I'm hungry

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