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  1. Not sure if this has been discussed yet, didn't see it anywhere, but it's something I've been wondering. As someone who's new to this, I went out and bought some regular hickory chips, looked up some cooking times and temps and smoked a few things. Worked out some kinks (and still doing so) to make tender and smoked meat. My question is, do types of wood chips matter? Beer for example (Like any other red blooded American I love beer) goes with certain foods. An IPA goes best with spicy foods, pilseners go well with chicken or salads. Do certain types of chips go better with certain types of meats or is it really just preferential? Does hickory go with chicken, does oak go with pork? If so, where can I find this. If not, what's everyone's favorite wood to burn and why?


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    Shrimp, morning.....  Stronger flavored woods go best with 4 legged critters....  Mild flavored wood goes best with fish, veggies, cheese...  of course there are exceptions...   That is a good starting point...  keep track of types of wood, time smoked (actual smoke), for future ref. .....  Develope a guide to return to later.....  

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    Once again, Dave is on the job!  Good advice.

    I will echo what he said and suggest that you play with different woods or combinations of woods to develop your favorites.

    As an example, I love a 50/50 blend of hickory and cherry for pork and 25/75 blend of mesquite and pecan for beef brisket.  Course, that's just my preference and it works great with great flavors.

    Take your time, have some fun with wood smoke, and figure out what you like best.

    Good luck,

  4. Ive used a mix of mesquite and hickory on pork shoulders and been very happy with it. Also like apple / mesquite on pork shoulder and brisket! Hard to go very wrong with wood choice in my very limited experience... It all tastes great!
  5. I like Dave's advice: do your thing, if you like it put a note in your log.  If not, put a note in your log.  Over time, you'll figure out what you like and what you don't like.

    My preference is fruit woods on poultry and pork -- especially apple, peach, and plum.  I like oak with beef.  I'm not a fan of hickory or mesquite on much of anything. ...but that's just me.  I'm a less is more kinda guy when it comes to smoke.
  6. Thanks guys.. Like I said all I'd tried before was hickory and my wife always thought whatever I made was too smokey. I did too but I cooked it so of course I played it off as the best tasting thing ever. So, I'm trying some pecan or peach, one of the two with some wings. 
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    Shrimp, afternoon.....   Hey, mesquite can ruin any meat but when I smoke a steak or prawns, I only smoke the meat for 15 minutes using mesquite....   Some woods, less is much, much better....   To each his/her own, when it comes to flavor profile....   

    Try a shorter length of time with what ever wood you are using, until you get the flavor you are looking for.....   You will find a combination that works......


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