Two smokers smokin" :-)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by radio, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. radio

    radio Smoking Fanatic

    4 slabs of loin end ribs in one and 6 pounds of summer sausage in the other.  Mmmmm!  Can't wait!
  2. Be watching !!!

  3. radio

    radio Smoking Fanatic

    How's this?[​IMG]   A pot of Jeff's sauce and some of it slathered on a piece of beef stick. That was tasty!!!

      Got busy with "Honey do's" and let the temp climb and melted some of the cheese, dang it!  Still mighty tasty.

    Ribs still need another half hour in the smoke


  4. crazymoon

    crazymoon Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    R, Sounds like some good smoking going on !
  5. radio

    radio Smoking Fanatic

    Pardon the delay.  Had to chow down on the ribs
  6. I don't blame you, Nice !!!


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