Two ?'s...Grill Thermometer and Cold Weather Smoking in Weber Smoky Mountain Grill

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jdf66r, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. jdf66r

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    I just purchased a Weber Smoky Mountain.

    Q1 - Can anyone recommend a brand/model of the thermometer unit that has the two devices (one for indoor and one for the grill) that has worked very well for you?

    Q2 - Any recommendations for insulating the smoker in colder weather.  I live up in the Colorado mountains so we'll be getting our cold weather soon.  I've seen some posts on welding blankets and such but just curious if anyone has any other suggestions or techniques for maintaining internal temps at the ideal range while managing charcoal usage.

  2. ivanstein

    ivanstein Fire Starter

    I have a maverick thermometer. It works quite well and is well worth the purchase price. As for insulation, I am betting that wind does more than cold for sucking out the heat. I'd find a nice wind free corner of fence or other safe place to smoke in. Give that a try. I have not noticed a difference between smoking on a 90° day vs a 50° day...but maybe another 50° will make a bigger difference?
  3. In my own experince the wind really effects a WSM. i have smoked in my carport (a garage with no doors) at around 9F and it was pretty windy out that night. and the smoker did just fine... i was pretty cold though.
  4. dirtsailor2003

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    I really like my iGrill2.

    Make a screen out of Refletix insulation. Leave a 1-2" gap around the smoker. Works great and really helps keep heat in and protects the lower cents from the wind.

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