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Discussion in 'Pork' started by terryd, Jun 18, 2011.

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    I'm going to try to smoke a couple pieces of pork we have here.  I'm not sure of the cut because they have been in the freezer for a while and I just don't remember what they are.  Together, they are about 3lbs, one is probably near 2lbs and the other just over 1lb.  Do I just cook each one for it's intended time (1.5hrs/lb or to temperature) or does the cooking time get combined?
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    Sounds like Tenderloin if long and slender. If they are, personally, I would roll them around on a hot grill. Take them to 145º internal, then wrap in foil for 30 minutes or so.
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    When you put them in the foil, do you mean to put them back on the grill?  Sorry, I'm learning the tricks of cooking now.  I've played with my grill for while now, but smoking is new and I'm trying to do it as much as possible just to learn my smoker.
  4. flash

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     No, this would be after you remove them from grill. This allows the meat to rest and lets the juices redistribute back thru the meat.

     Find a nice marinade to use on them, pre-grill, then some spices. You'll love them.
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    Pulled some pork out of the freezer we're trying to defrost today and smoked it for supper.  On one piece, we rolled it in crushed crackers seasoned with oregano, pepper, garlic, and sea salt.  The other piece we just smoked bare to compare flavors.  The smoke ring wasn't very thick, but then again it only smoked for about two hours.  I used the same apple wood for this that I did for the pork chops the other day. 

    We had removed the pork and were working on the beans and corn when a pretty violent thunderstorm blew in and shut me down on them.  Had to finish them out on the oven, but it was all great!  The crust worked out wonderful, except that it got soggy when it was resting in the aluminum foil.  I'm not sure of any good way around this, but maybe some of you can help out!  I'm starting to get the hang of my smoker, but I REALLY need tuning plates.  I covered a spare grate I had in foil and used it as a tuning plate to get the smoke/heat a little more mid smoker.  It's kinda long, so I actually got the stack end hotter than the fire barrel end a couple times.

    The crusted piece is the back one, the front has nothing done to it but smoked.  The beans are Bush's Grillin' Beans Southern Style Pit.  Julie fried the potatoes and the bread is a loaf of Wal-Mart's French sliced and slightly garliced with butter in the oven.  The corn was on the smoker in the husk, but had to be finished in the oven after the storm. 


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    Nice looking meal!   [​IMG]
  7. raptor700

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    Looks great from here  [​IMG]
     When I use the cracker crumbs I don't foil  

    Thanks for sharing [​IMG]
  8. beer-b-q

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    Looks Great...
  9. terryd

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    Thanks guys!  I'll keep that in mind raptor, rookie mistake I guess.  I think we're gonna work on maybe a sweet version of the crust, but I'm not sure where to start.  We had thought about using brown sugar in with the crackers, but didn't have any.  I guess we'll see!  It's all about trying new stuff, right?  [​IMG]
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    It looks like an awesome meal [​IMG]

    Rule #8016 of the smoking rules state you must always have brown sugar in the house along with a bunch of other stuff [​IMG]

    Check out this bean recipe it's great tho when I make it I usually make a batch with the jalapenos and one without for the wimps and if I'm real lucky I have some leftover to nuke the next day.  

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