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    Hi All,

    So i've been tinkering with the 30' MES smoker off and on since I received it as a gift over the summer.  Has been working fairly well.  Ribs are coming along and recently got a 'holy crap these are good from the misses'.  But I really want to try and get the AMNPS to work on it but have had trouble getting the thing to fit in the smoker.  Read through a lot of forums.  It's just too wide, even tried unscrewing the chip tray screws but still didn't fit. But it does fit if I take out the drip tray (not the slanted one) at the very bottom of the smoker (the one with the hole in it) and just set it down.  I'm wondering if I'll get enough air flow down there (not being raised some) but will test it out tomorrow.  I guess if it works I could just put a piece of foil down and set the AMNPS on top of that-any issues there?  And then cover the AMNPS with a half foil pan as others have suggested so it doesn't get dripped on.

    Second question is once you are done with the smoke, and you still have pellets left in the maze, how do you stop the burn? I'm assuming you sort of separate the unlit portion and let whatever is left burn itself out or just put it out? Just curious, don't want to wast pellets!

    Ok one last question while I'm at it,  planning on doing some ribs this weekends with some friends coming over.  Do you all tend to cook them and then serve right away, or is there a way to hold them for a little while until ready to eat without overcooking them? I guess I could just tell everyone, when the ribs are done it's time to eat!

    Thanks everyone!


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