Two methods of beer can chicken

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  1. I chose to brine and rub one chicken, while the other I chose to follow "Chicken on a Throne" step by step as found in Smoke and Spice.  I had the wife perform a taste test to see which one was best.


    Basic brine: salt, sugar, pepper.


    Injected and rubbed with Wild Willie's Number One-derful Rub.


    After 5 hours in the chill chest and about a half load of Kingsford Hickory, I placed them on their beer cans. The one furthest away is the brined an rubbed sitting only on 1/2 a beer.  The closest one has been injected and rubbed and is sitting on 1/2 a beer with vinegar, onion, and garlic mixed in per "Chicken on a Throne".


    After about 2 hours I started using the throne mop on the bird on the right every 30-45 minutes.  I pulled them at 180* in the thigh - about 4 hours.


    They both carved up very easily. I served with grilled pineapple and baked beans.  The wife did a taste test and, though both were VERY GOOD, decided the brined, rubbed and non-mopped bird (left) was better than the "Chicken on a Throne" injected, rubbed, and mopped recipe (right).    ....Thanks for looking....
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    They both look great, tho!  Try adding a tablespoon for a gallon of brine of Cure no. 1 to the brined chicken and check out the flavor profile, will have a ham flavor to it!
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    Those both do look good. Now I want chicken!
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    Beautiul birds!  Outstanding either way!!!

  5. I'll have to try that..

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