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  1. I had these two Chuckies thawed and ready to go for a few days but never seemed to be able to get to them. So last night, fearing that they would go bad before I could smoke them I made the time, even though with the Christmas holiday there is no chance on dining on these right now (I love my vacuum sealer). [​IMG]

    My son and I smoked the two 3.5# chuck roasts on my MES40 with a mixture of oak, cherry, hickory and maple pellets in the AMZNPS (using up a bunch of older pellets.  Just for the heck of it we threw in a handful of Jack Daniels wood chips in the chip tray too.

    One of the Chuckies is for slicing for my wife’s favorite sandwich, Beef French Dipped, the other is for pulled BBQ Beef Sandwiches.

    A Total 7# of beef chuck roasts going into my Masterbuilt Electric Smoker. We put each of them on racks on top of a small foil pan to catch the drippings. In the foil pan is cut up carrots, celery, onion, jalapeno peppers, garlic cloves, fresh rosemary & thyme and one can of beef broth. Both roasts were seasoned with a dry rub of Kosher Salt, Course Black Pepper, Garlic & Onion Powder. The top Roast I also added some dried Marjoram.


    This is the 3.5# of beef chuck roast with the dried Marjoram. I smoked this one to slice to make the Beef French Dipped Sandwiches.


    This is the 3.5# of beef chuck roast that I smoked to make Pulled BBQ Beef Sandwiches.


    After smoking to an internal temperature of 210* we wrapped it in foil and put in a dry cooler with towels to allow it to rest. Then we pulled the meat. We will be vacuum sealing and freezing this so that some Pulled BBQ Beef Sandwiches are only a boiling pot of water away.



    Thhis one we smoked to an internal temperature of 150* we wrapped it in foil, allowed it to cool and put in the refrigerator to rest over night.



    All sliced and ready for future French Dipped Beef Sandwiches. We will be vacuum sealing and freezing this also.



    We tasted a little from each and they were both great. The meat was moist and tender and had a great smoked flavor without over powering the meat. I love doing Chuckies!

    We also strained the pans they were cooked on and got about a quart of great tasting broth to make into some au jus.

    I hope you enjoyed the ride folks!
  2. smokinal

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    They look awesome David! I can taste the sammies now!
  3. raptor700

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    Great job David [​IMG][​IMG]

    The Marjoram in the rub sounds interesting
  4. rdknb

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    Who does not love a chuckie either pulled or sliced, looks great
  5. mballi3011

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    Great Job Dave and I love me some pulled beef to.
  6. tyotrain

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    Great job.. Man O Man i love me some chuckie...

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