Turkeyday: Whole Turkey Breast? Primo XL

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by tbritto1970, Nov 23, 2014.

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    I have never smoked turkey. I would have tried a whole one this year, but its late in the season and the stores only have big birds left. 15 lbs+. I plan to brine my cut of meat 7-8 lbs whole turkey breast and I only have applewood. My Primo XL doesn't like temperatures over 300 degrees.

    Any tips for brine. time, and temp. . 

    I know internal temperature of 160 degrees. 
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  2. Primo doesn't like temps over 300*F?!?! The ceramic cooker are suppose to sear steaks at like 700*F +.

    My recommendation: BBQ Pot Boys Apple Cider Brine.
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    tbritto, hello. Get a ( or 2) Breast and brine them for your bird. You'll get about 10lb. out of them .

    Cook at 300*F and go to 165*F IMT . Place a probe therm. in and track temp. , don't guess , you'll have a dry Breast.

    Have a happy Holiday and as always . . .

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