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    Anyone ever tried to smoke wild turkey leg quarters?  Are they too tough to smoke?
  2. Soak overnight in a solution.....24OZ of Cherry Dr. Pepper, 4oz of apple cider vinegar, 1/4 cup course Kosher salt.

    Rinse in the morning and bring to room temp. Season to choice a very simple garlic powder, onion powder, and "heat" (I love old bay here). Yow may may to brush with olive oil first or just season without.

    Smoke at 230 until internal temp of 160, pull and wrap in foil when IT hits 160. Let them rest for roughly 30-minutes. Apple and Peach wood work well.

    Sauce to your liking (or not)...great method for wings and thighs as well.

    Good luck, if you try it, share your results.

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    Thanks.  I'll give this a shot.  I have the leg quarters(leg and thigh) from a bird I shot yesterday.  I usually cook them in a crockpot with a sauce medley I just throw together.  Very tasty, but they are so tough, it takes about 24 hours in a crockpot.
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    Very lean.  Should wrap in bacon like turkey breast?
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    Just a thought, you might consider a cure. Due to the tuffness as well as all those leg leaders and tendons, I would think a very very low & Slow would be the way to go. Its how I do my store bought turkey legs.

    The cure allows you the safety of a long lesiurely low smoke without worry of  creepy-crawly bad things growing. Thereby allowing enough time at low temp so you can pull those all out easily.

    Like I said just another idea.

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    My leg quarters are skinned.  Should they be wrapped in bacon, or something else?
  7. foamheart

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    Definately! If skinned chances are they are gonna get dry, and dry meat is like jerky. Got some flavor but you have to chew awhile to get to it. I have never tried making turkey jerky but its an idea.

    Without the skin to hold the moisture or even a way hold on to a butter or brine you are going to have to catch those legs really quick when they are done.

    I have not attempted it in the smoker but long ago a heart diet doc. told me about coating the skinless chicken with mayo. Its just egg white and oil. I have used it in the oven and on the grill with great results but I have never used it in my smoker. You might at least try it on a leg. You might fine a new modifier that makes you happy.

    Again, just a thought.
  8. If they are skinned you will want to protect them,,,lots of ways to do so, a bacon wrap is the easiest...


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