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  1. I smoked up a turkey on Sunday and let Bradley do all the work. I used Jeff's naked rib rub and gave the fellow a good massage with all that deliciousness. I put the 16 lb turkey in at 7:30 am on 260. I smoked for three hours with the chimney wide open. Then I let it cook till 5:30 with the chimney closed. It reached 190 degrees by 4:30 so I turned it down to 200 and let it stay in till 5:30. I read on the internet that 160 was good enough but my thermometers all say cook to 190 for poultry. The fellow came out and had a rest on the counter so whille he was resting I took my needle and gave him a hot butter injection in several different spots. Well I have to say I don't think I have ever had such a good turkey. Even my wife said It has great flavour but does not taste like that real smoky taste I used to get. We had some cold already and man its is real good cold too. I am afraid that I have become an every week end smoker. I hope It is healthy for you cause I am addicted. Martin ps I used apple pucks   
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    Sounds  great!  Turkey can be very healthy!  Avoid eating the skin as it has the highest amount of fat and instead of injecting butter try a low salt beef broth; you can also cure it with a lo-salt cure too (see my sig line below).  Did you get any Qview of the final product?
  3. We like to inject turkey with apple juice and EVOO or lemon juice and EVOO and spices such as onion and garlic powder.  The acid in the fruit juice tenderizes and add moisture to the meat.
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    If your bird came out good, you can continue what you are doing but there is no need to take Poultry to 190*F. Kitchenware Thermometers list rediculous temps to cook to because they are not always that accurate and over cooking like that guarantees a inexperienced cook won't mess up and leave some portion underdone. Get yourself a Good Probe Thermometer and cook poultry to an Internal Temp of 165 in the thickest part of the Breast and 175-180*F IT in the Thigh...It will be Super Juicy and in the event you reheat leftovers, they won't end up dry...JJ
  5. I've found brining whole birds will impart more flavor than injecting if you have a spare fridge or something to keep a large container in during the process.
  6. Just curious:  What are "left overs"?

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