turkey - too much info? 2 - 15 lbs in a 30" mes

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by mtbmtb01, Nov 23, 2014.

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    I've  done some research and now I'm more confused

    I got a master built 30" digital electric smoker w the glass door at bass pro last black Friday.

    love it but I have yet to do a turkey.

    I have 2 - 15 lb butterballs that I was planning on doing at the same time.

    I was thinking of a combo of apple and pecan wood chips.

    I'm looking for time (to know for planning when to start) and temp.

    after reading quite a few posts I am leaning to 275 (max temp) degrees that will hopefully reach 165 internal temp in about 4 hours?

    but I have many ?'s

    is this better than the longer 225 degree temp I had planned at first?

    should I crank it up to 275 for the first few hours then lower the temp or leave it the same all the way through the cook?

    I do not plan to brine but will inject.

    would it be better to use hickory or cherry or some other combo of wood chips?

    should the 165 internal temp be taken in the breast?

    would it work better to cook them separately? I plan on having one for Thursday at noon and eat the other over the next few days after.

    any thoughts or suggestions?


    happy holidays.
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     Hello , Mybmtb01 , and welcome to the Turkey line...[​IMG]

    First I would crank it up and LEAVE it up the whole cook...

    Use any wood you like , a fruit wood is a good choice for Poultry.

    Yes, cook to 165*F IMT in the middle of the meat mass ,without touching bone.

    If you have room in the Smoker , by all means cook them together , they will cook as if it were one , if the same appox. size.

    Use a probe therm. and allow about 8 hrs. , they will hold in a cooler for up to 6 hrs. easy...

    Have fun and . . .
  3.  Good advice already given, but unless you know your true smoker temp, not just what your display tells you, I would likely give them 9 hrs. If they are finishing faster you can lower the temp or foil them and put in the cooler to hold.

     I know my MES40 doesn't get as hot as it is set for by several degrees. A good digital therm can check that for you.

    Keep records for future use. My last 10# bird went 8 hrs.

  4. jarjarchef

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    Split the birds. You will not fit both in a MES 30 at the same time whole. Even split I am not sure if you will fit them both.

    By splitting the birds you will also cut your cooking time and the birds will cook more even.

    I would run it as hot as you can. Get a remote thermometer to guage the temp of the meat while cooking, sonyou are not opening the smoker during the cook. They are cheap at the big box stores. Something like the maverick down the road is great, but not enough time now.

    You will not get much brown color due to the amount of moisture that holds in the MES. So I would place the split birds in a oven at 375-400 to get color and crisp the skin.

    You will want to check the temp at the thickest part of the breast and thighs. You will need 165°F. The juices will also be clear, not pink.

    Hope this helps.

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